Pictures of Aliens, UFO Abductee, and Alien Investigators

Pictures of Aliens

One question comes to mind when it comes to aliens, and that is, “are they real”? There are any pictures of aliens and UFO abductees, and alien investigators will vouch that there is some truth to the belief that aliens really do exist. Many of these stories and evidence of aliens you will simply find baffling and the fact that many scientists agree that aliens may very well be present, … Continue reading

Pictures of Aliens

More Pictures of Aliens

Genuine pictures of aliens are getting harder and harder to find. There are now many thousands of fakes on the internet and the number is growing daily. So many people have some type of image editing software and they are not afraid to use it. The trouble is that the genuine images are so often lost in the shuffle and the people who have genuine pictures of aliens are afraid … Continue reading

UFO Sighting in Pflugerville, Texas on July 9th 2014 – sqaure with blact dots around it I took a photo of a farmhouse from the road approx. 3 hundred yards away. I didn’t see the object at the time. The following day I was looking at the photo and saw a red glow in the upper left corner. I zoomed in to see a square object with black dots around it. It has some kind of trail that fades away. The photo was taken with a Galaxy 3 phone. Very unusual.
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Long Term Experiences

I can remember being 4 years old and interested in the sky and stars. It was magical to me. I would see "shooting stars" a lot and make little silly wishes on them, which would come true very often. My first memory of seeing spacecraft was when I was around 7 years old. It was dark, my parents were sitting on the porch, I was playing in the front yard, and a man walking down the road told me to shine my flashlight on the moon. So, I ran to the side of the house, out of my parent’s view and I shined my light at the moon. Being young and naive, I thought my light was really reaching all the way to the moon. With my beam pointed at the moon, 2 spacecraft came out from behind the moon and flew slowly in front of it. When I moved my beam, they went back behind it. I shined my light again and once again they came out then when I moved the light, they went back behind the moon. I didn’t tell my parents about it. It wasn’t a big deal to me back then, it was almost like playing w
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Australian "Cold case" reviews – a listing Hi all,

As part of my on-going work cataloguing interesting Australian UAP cases (for the current version of my catalogue click here ) I have undertaken a number of “cold case” reviews. These provide an in-depth re-examination of all the information I have been able to gather on each case.

26 Feb 1942. Timor Sea. Object circles Dutch cruiser at sea.

5 Feb 1947. Port Augusta, South Australia. Five objects cast shadows.

10 Jan 1954. Morgan, SA. Aircraft event.

15 Jan
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UFO Sighting in Eugene, Oregon on July 29th 2014 – Dancin' and Communicatin' "Stars?" Started with 3 flying overhead then Two more joined and the Flashes started between the 5 or so craft.Bright like Flash cubes”flashes”going off at each other? Wondered if maybe it was a battle? After the “flashes” stopped they slowly went to “triangle” formation then went separate ways till gone. Wife was present the whole time as witness.Dark and NO moon hear yet? Nightly Occurrence here in “Track Town USA”, just a little more of a show.

Note: Some of the flashes seemed to be “directed” at us from multiple craft, and made energy get “Excited” between us.
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UFO Sighting in Victoria, British Columbia on July 26th 2014 – Two daylight UFOs over Victoria B.C I was relaxing on my sun deck at 3pm that day. I noticed two lights moving around each other about a mile or so in the sky. It was hard to tell from that distance if I was seeing two objects moving around each other or one object with two lights on the side spinning. After about 5 minutes it only appeared as one object that hovered in place. I was starring so much that my partner tried to get a look but couldn’t see that far away. She said I can’t see what your looking at but I can see that. At that point I stopped focusing on what I was originally looking at and saw an object moving to my right and traveling west to east. It had the same speed as the airplanes that are constantly going over head toward Seattle. I pulled out my cell phone in a race to get a video but picked my camera option by mistake and got a photo. I quickly got the video camera going and started filming it. It moved at a consistent speed toward the original object I had observed. It finally stopped and hovered clo
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Condensation trails passing in the moonlit night Hi all,

Two of my recent blog post interests crossed over recently. Firstly, readers will be aware of my series of posts, about the work of colleague Paul Dean and I about the 25 October 1973 North West Cape incident. Secondly, I have been examining digital copies of the “Canberra Times” newspaper, held by the National Library of Australia (available up till 1992.)

Mystery aircraft:

Two civilian airline pilots reported seeing a mystery “object” leaving a condensation trail in the moonlit night sky, near Derby, Western Australia in the early hours of Monday 29 November 1982.

“The pilot of the Qantas aircraft, Captain Barry Roberts, told company officials yesterday that he had been flying at about 10,750 metres, when in the bright moonlight he noticed a newly formed condensation trail running from north-west to south-east. His aircraft was then over approximately the entrance to King Sound.” (“Canberra Times”
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Black Triangle Sighting in Doha, Doha on July 5th 1992 – Black flying triangle with three very bright “lights” in corners, flying N/NE at 8000 feet altitude over Persian Gulf in 1992 During the summer of 1992 (June-July), while I was temporarily assigned aboard a U.S. Navy Ticonderoga class guided-missile cruiser in the Persian Gulf, I saw a black, equilateral triangle-shaped aircraft with three bright, white lights, one in each corner, flying directly over our ship. Our ship was part of the USS Independence carrier battle-group, and at the time of the sighting we were underway in the central or southern Persian Gulf. The sighting occurred sometime between midday and 3pm local Gulf time, though I cannot recall the exact date or day of the week, and it occurred at the tail-end of an underway replenishment (UNREP) exercise between our ship and the carrier. I���d learned a few minutes earlier while I was at my workstation inside that our ship was very shortly going to pull up alongside the aircraft carrier to carry out an UNREP. Having never seen one of these exercises, I���d made my way topside in order to get a better view of the activities, and I ended
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not sure what to think of it.

hey all new to this forum and new to this type of forum to! right I don’t know where to start with this so I will just say what I can remember and maybe some of you guys an girls can help me.

i was about 13-14 when i seen this.i was watching tv in my bedroom at about 1 or 2 am ( possibly 3 im 23 now cant remember the exact time ) when i seen a ball of light out of my bedroom my bedroom window backs right onto my back garden.and my back garden backs right onto a small there is trees basically making a boundary for each house in my street at the backs of the first i rubbed my eyes and thought i need to get some sleep.but as i kept watching i started to think it wasn’t me and there was actually something there.what i can describe to you is that this ball of light was about the size of a beech ball maybe a little smaller but it was not any shone bright white moved through the branches of the tree very slowly and very pre
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UFO Sighting in Tigrana, Haryana on February 20th 2004 – its like v shape very large in size with lots of blue lights and few yellow & red , without noise but very huge in size. hi
ALL fiends i am Manjeet singh
this happens with me in 2004 but i never tell any body except my mom and my wife because people laugh on such thing in india . i daily use to wake up at 4:30 am in morning during collage time and go to local stadium for jogging every day . it was winters in india at that time very little fog and little fog clouds in the sky with moon . it was a nice climate . i reached in the stadium at 5 am and did some warmup . then i saw lots of bright lights with blue in colour and few with red and yellow . if i say the number its 100+ blue and around 20 + red and yellow. its was a very huge plane with triangle like shape but not complete fully triangle. it appears coming straight from
north west direction i watch it more then 30 seconds coming very slowly towards me after coming over my head i watched it clearly it was bigger than a football ground then it slowly proceed towards southeast gain some height and gone like magic .i cant believe what i see such a hu
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