We have gathered a collection of videos for you to examine. Many are clearly fake and some may be real. You can decide that for yourself. We would love to see what you think. Please comment on them.

Some of the videos are taken down from time to time as accounts are deleted etc.

Aliens Among Us

For a long time now people have been speculating about the existence of alien races not just visiting but living on out planet, Earth. My opinion on this is that I would be very surprised if they did not find some way to make this happen. After all , if we were visiting another planet populated by reasonably intelligent beings, would we not feel very tempted to walk among them?

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Are UFOs Real or Fiction?

What UFOs are and even their very existence has been the subject of much heated debate for a very very long time. It may well be so for another very long time, but I have a feeling that it will not. There has been so much activity in this area in recent years and they behaviour of the governments who are in the know (you know who they are) has been such that it seems to be coming to a head.

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Why Are They Here?

So assuming that they are real and that they are aliens, why are they here? Some reasons might include purely scientific study of us and our planet. May be they are just passing by on their way to somewhere else and check out our planet out of boredom. Maybe there is a whole tourist industry built around Earth. Whatever it is, somebody on Earth knows and is saying nothing. Why?

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