Pictures of Aliens, UFO Abductee, and Alien Investigators

Pictures of Aliens

One question comes to mind when it comes to aliens, and that is, “are they real”? There are any pictures of aliens and UFO abductees, and alien investigators will vouch that there is some truth to the belief that aliens really do exist. Many of these stories and evidence of aliens you will simply find baffling and the fact that many scientists agree that aliens may very well be present, … Continue reading

Pictures of Aliens

More Pictures of Aliens

Genuine pictures of aliens are getting harder and harder to find. There are now many thousands of fakes on the internet and the number is growing daily. So many people have some type of image editing software and they are not afraid to use it. The trouble is that the genuine images are so often lost in the shuffle and the people who have genuine pictures of aliens are afraid … Continue reading

Real Aliens – Would You Know One if You Saw One?

Alien in London

If you were walking down the street and a strange alien looking person/creature was coming towards you, would you know immediately that it was in fact a real alien from a nearby UFO? Many cities in the west now have a growing number of alien-like humans who stand all day in front of a box containing a selection of coins. They, the “aliens” move when someone puts another coin in … Continue reading

What Do The Aliens Want and Are They Changing Our Atmosphere?


What do the aliens want with our planet? This question assumes that you accept that there are aliens on our planet. That is, fairly intelligent life from somewhere else, probably another planet far away. Given our limited knowledge of life on other planets in or outside our solar system, we really have no idea at all what they look like and what they can do and what their need are. … Continue reading

Alien Saves Cyclist in China

Alien Saves Cyclist in China The video below has been doing the rounds in the last couple of weeks. It shows a cyclist about to be knocked down and probably either killed of at least badly injured by a speeding truck at an intersection/junction. At the last second a superfast humanoid/alien speeds in and aparently beams the cyclist to safety nearby. Alien Saves Cyclist in China. Alien Saves Cyclist in … Continue reading

The Cosmic Engineer Pt.4: “The Gloom and Doom”

The Cosmic Engineer Pt.4: “The Gloom and Doom” “The Cosmic Pulse of Life exposes how suppression of scientific advances in energy and medicine are a sign of multi-dimensional war on humanity that has stunted our development.” You are not surprised? You have already heard the latest flavor of the month gloom and doom report? But are you familiar with the whistleblower on ultra-terrestrials named Trevor James Constable? Probably not. Nor … Continue reading

Do Aliens Think We Are Mad?

Aliens, Do They Think We Are Mad? Imagine for a minute you were an alien sent to “check out” planet earth, and the inhabitants. As you approach Earth, you see a beautiful blue and white planet (a cloudy day), and you are immediately intrigued. As you fly closer, you begin to carry out your investigative procedures. You monitor the atmosphere, check out the water and the soil content, check out … Continue reading

Music for Extraterrestrials 5 – Very Dark Matter has been just released

Music for Extraterrestrials 5 – Very Dark Matter has been just released. The latest in the Music for Extraterrestrials series titled ‘Music For Extraterrestrials 5 – Very Dark Matter’ was just released. This is the fifth in the ambient electronic Music for Extraterrestrials series. Much darker in tone and atmosphere than the first four, this one takes you on a journey through deep space where dark matter and the nebulous … Continue reading

A Record Year of Dubious Renown

A Record Year of Dubious Renown. In “Global Implications of the UFO Reality”, I attempted to convey a sense of urgency for the implementation of alternative energy devices allegedly back-engineered from downed UFOs. I cited several, credible, scientific sources that blamed the global warming problem (here he goes again) on human activities, i.e. the burning of fossil fuels and the disposal of nuclear waste. There were those who labeled me … Continue reading

UFOs and Crop Circles – Prophecy

Prophecy – UFO‘s and crop circles. Supernatural Confirmations from Who? Inside this quick article I might like to deal with the confusion that a lot of are heading by way of in many spots being a results of selected phenomena which could be taking place. Recently, Google Videos highlighted several quick video clip clips on crop circles and involved UFO action. You’ll be in a position to do a Google … Continue reading

Kite lights look like UFOs

Kite lights look like UFOs Article by Damon Some of the qualities of acceptable kite lights cover the following; Color changing; it is one affair to accept lights that appear in altered shades and colors, it is something abroad if they change colors already they accept been flown. It is entertaining, abnormally for kids who adulation kites. This has afflicted aero plane aerial into a amusement that can be done … Continue reading