Pictures of Aliens, UFO Abductee, and Alien Investigators

Pictures of Aliens

One question comes to mind when it comes to aliens, and that is, “are they real”? There are any pictures of aliens and UFO abductees, and alien investigators will vouch that there is some truth to the belief that aliens really do exist. Many of these stories and evidence of aliens you will simply find baffling and the fact that many scientists agree that aliens may very well be present, … Continue reading

Pictures of Aliens

More Pictures of Aliens

Genuine pictures of aliens are getting harder and harder to find. There are now many thousands of fakes on the internet and the number is growing daily. So many people have some type of image editing software and they are not afraid to use it. The trouble is that the genuine images are so often lost in the shuffle and the people who have genuine pictures of aliens are afraid … Continue reading


One memory I have, is being in a facility and running into a stairwell, I looked down over the guard rail and there were hundreds of shiny metal steps. I thought " It’s pointless to try because they don’t even need or use the stairs." So I might as well go into the next room like they want me to. In the next room was a male, human looking, in a white lab coat who zapped me with electricity and I had to learn to fend off the current to some how protect myself. Something tells me I’ve done it so many times because I was easily able to walk out of the electricity and I was told "Good job". That is as physical as it gets. I don’t know if it relates, but I always feel like a moving target during an electrical storm. I’ve had lightning strike so close to me several times. It even struck somewhere around my bedroom when I was laying in bed and fried the wiring in my room only! I only have 1 of 5 outlets in my room that work now! lol So, has anyone else had electrical
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I found a MHD UFO on official NASA Picture

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I’m using the NASA corwdcrafting project to help them to classify astronaute photos :
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I just found a pic, with what seems to be a UFO :

Hi Def :


There is more picture :


What do you thi
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UFO Sighting in Perth, Western Australia on August 20th 2014 – 2 lights in formation walking out to shed to close door for the night happen to be looking at sky as I always do when instantly two lights bigger than stars appeared moving quite quickly mimicking each other exactly flying in the pattern of a wave or ocean swell for about 3 seconds and then disappeared into cloud and blinked off stood their for 4 minutes and then thought I saw a quick flash
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UFO Sighting in Omaha, Nebraska on August 18th 2014 – VIEWED BRIGHT STAR LIKE OBJECT WHICH BECAME SOLID My wife and I were standing on our deck Monday evening 08/18/14. She said what is that bright light? When I looked it was gone. Then she said there it is again! This time I got to view it for about 10 seconds before it faded behind a cloud. It was bright as a star but moving slowly across the sky.

She then exclaimed about a minute later there it is again but it isn���t shining bright like a star. This time we both viewed the object for at least 5 to 7 minutes. There was no lights and no sound. The object had a dull grey color to it and wobbled a little as it glided across the sky.

The object had edges to it and had for lack of a better description a hump in the fuselage if you will kind of like a B-2 Bomber. I ran into the house to get my binoculars after about 6 minutes. When I came out my wife was off of the deck and looking behind an 80 to 90 foot tree which stands in my neighbor���s yard which was now blocking her view. When she looked behind the tree
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UFO Sighting in Hartford, Connecticut on August 11th 2014 – it seemed to hover and flash and the flashes weren't deliberate and slow it seemed to know its direction of flight I was at Walnut Hill Park in New Britain Connecticut there was a concert at the park and above the concert shell the UFO appeared it took me a minute or so to put my phone in the camera mode I did this fast as I could.I took two photos one of which did not show anything but the second one completely shocked I believe it will shock you also there were other people who witnessed it also.I am still in a bit upset because I’ve been having problems sending this photograph via my email.but I do have please contact me somebody from mufon
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UFO Sighting in Houston, Texas on August 11th 2014 – noticed it hovering then it reapeared to my right..but the spot where I first noticed it was slowly fading it left an in print in the sky.. It was August 11 2014 had been raining that day pretty hard thunder and lighting was pretty intenze..finally when it stopped me and my co workers went outside to smoke a cigarette..few seconds passed when I looked over to my left I noticed lights just sitting in the sky I immediately took out my cell phone and started I recorded I snapped pictures. By this time my two friends noticed the object in the sky also. Well finally the object ufo started to slowly fading away but then my friend noticed it reapear to our right ..while we saw it to our right the first place to the left where we first saw it was slowly vanishing. .now this all lasted 1min 6 seconds ..ok now the ufo that appeared was moving back from us and got smaller and smaller until we couldn’t see it no more…when we all looked at the video you can see more lights in the distance. .the video shows a lot more evidence to how the craft looks.
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UFO Sighting in Rancho Cordova, California on July 4th 2014 – ufo sideways disc 7 white lights on side of it. I was parked in my truck about 400 feet just above Folsom lake at 9:00 pm July 4th watching all the firework shows across the Sacramento valley.At 9:15 I noticed a bright white light across the valley over woodland. It looked like a plane, jet coming towards me.Then a few minutes latter it moved closer to me and higher.Strange thing I never saw it actually move. It had moved about 10 miles closer and 100 feet higher. It looked like it was right above Citrus Heights.It still looked like a jet heading my way. very white and bright but it never moved.So then I pulled out my binoculars and looked at it. It seamed longer and sideways to the ground. So I pulled out my powerful spotting scope and focused on it. It appeared to be angling sideways and about 30 feet long. As I focused more I could see 7 white lights in a row along the side of it. It just sat there hovering.I new right then I was seeing a ufo. So I picked-up my phone and called my brother in Curtis Heights. I ask him to look-up i
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