UFO Sightings of June- July 1965

I came of age in the glory years of the early space race. I was fortunate to have scientifically minded older brothers who got me interested in sky watching and astronomy while still in grade school. We lived in the country and made full use of the dark country skies We had not only good binoculars but a 6” reflector telescope too. By the time I was entering high school I knew everything in the night sky and when it was visible.

UFO’s were in the news in the mid 60’s as were our own space launches. When we had these sightings there was an even chance we thought that they could be our own objects. We had already correctly identified most of the handful of satellites and space junk in orbit. I recall seeing Telestar and the tumbling blink of spent booster rockets in low earth orbit. We were young but we were not easily fooled.

I was the first to see one of the strange high altitude lights in the summer sky. It moved from west to

UFO Sighting in Lee's Summit, Missouri on August 31st 2014 – Very unusual and bright sphere which hovered and then changed direction as two lights. Sunday night August 31, 2014, I was watching television in our great room and out of the big windows that open to woods behind our house, I saw a light so unusual that I jumped out of my chair to look at it. I realized that I had seen it about two nights earlier just very briefly as it passed by��� but at the time gave it no thought other than it was characteristically unusual but did not stop. That time I jumped up too, it was so odd.
The spherical light appeared at 8:15 pm by clearing the trees. In fact, I could see that something was preparing to emerge, it was so bright.
The nature of the light that was so unusual is not only its brilliance, but that it appeared to be constructed of many hundreds of ���rays��� that were a bit wider at the origin of the sphere, but which became pointed at the outside of its halo. I have seen many different lights, spotlights, strobes, brilliant incandescent, fluorescent, etc��� but never anything of this nature.

Soulular Growth – Soulular Hygiene – Soulular Mechanics (video)

Made a video the other day about the topics in the title of the thread. Not my best video, and it’s possible some info is wrong in it. But others have liked it so I’ll post it here.

Here it is:
Soulular Growth – Soulular Hygiene – Soulular Mechanics

Synopsis: What we do effects our soul(in theory). Practice emotional/mental hygiene perhaps, and stay true to yourself(your soul)….

UFO Sighting in Corvallis, Oregon on September 1st 2014 – Seen on multiple occasions depending on time. Bobs & Weaves. Pulsates Light. I was out walking my dog, as I usually do between 11pm and 11:30PM. My attention was drawn to a pulsating light (orb) which changed from white, to red to green to blue. It would bob and weave slightly at times, but dramatically at others, but seemed to hold its same position in the sky most of the time. I observed what looked like white sparks dropping downward from this object. It was located about 30 degrees above the horizon in the NW Sky. There were no clouds obscuring the object, or any trees. When it moved in the sky, I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me, but ONLY this object move in relation to the other celestial objects. I observed it for about 10 minutes and then finished the walk. I have observed this same object (I assume) over the last several years, where I appears in a different part of the Northern Sky depending on the time. I have seen it in the NE Sky, with the same behavior. I have observed this for an hour before and woke up my wife to confirm that she saw



When I was child I lived in a wooded location in Northern N.J in 1980. I was about five years of age at the time. I had a room that was in the back part of the house. I had a pretty big window back there with no curtain on it. The window opened up to the backyard and the woods beyond. My Mother had finished tucking me in and I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep. Rustling around, looking at the shadows by the window. Stuff I did every night before bed. All the sudden, I began seeing multicolored lights shooting in my room from outside. They were very bright blue, red and white. I went to jump up and look out the window but I realized I couldn’t move.

I lay there watching the window. Two beings entered the room. Both the same size, one was red the other was blue. They were probably the size of a 10 year old. They glowed like pure energy, I was terrified. I went to scream and as I did it seemed as if everything froze. The

'Strange Red Glowing Light' Spotted By Pilot Is An Unexplained Mystery

I actually favor the erupting volcano below theory.


In what may turn out to be one of life’s biggest unexplained mysteries; a pilot witnessed a collection of red glowing lights beneath him, just twenty minutes after a lightning bolt appeared to shoot up from the surface.
This incredible series of events took place south of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka and were witnessed by Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst and his co-pilot as they flew their Boeing 747 to Alaska.
While there’s no official explanation for the event there has been some speculation that it may have been a massive underwater explosion caused by a volcano deep beneath the sea.
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