15 Alien Races Abducting Humans On Earth!

MUST WATCH!!! Secrets about the alien races abducting humans! Watch the second part here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0hdPFJU7zw Follow us on: * Twitter: …


joe terry says:

i worked at vafb for 15 or so years….nro satellites launched there
yes….nice job

What They Don't Want You To Know says:

MUST WATCH!!! Secrets about the alien races abducting humans! #alienraces

michaelnew1962 says:

How is it that she has no photos of these amazing discoveries, I would be
taking pictures none stop.

1likeminded says:

I was abducted when I was 5 y.o. on a camping trip and race boat show. As I
walked down the road I turned 180 degrees around and spoke telepathically
with 3 cloaked perfect spheres in a totally clear blue sky. Well, I lost 4
hours of time that day as I arrived at the boat race when it was ending. In
a daze the race staarted and ended for me at the same moment.My family
asked where I had been and all I could say was basically nothing.
In my 20’s I had a hypnosis session and it shown me on video what happened.
All 4 hours of it. The last half hour I came out of the horrifying fear and
terror to look and feel at ease. I lost all fear of aliens from that day

Mystic Madman says:

Caduceus , Serpent insignia, Dragons, Pyramids…noone has heard of the
Dragons bearing knowledge? Only every civilization on the planet has
written about them.

Ray S says:

I am not denying that aliens exist but to claim what this video claims
without 100% proof other than he said she said is just ridiculous.

Young_Tobis says:

Lol i got scared for a bit at 7:20 too when volume started going up lol

lee yang says:

there is no such thing as alien. its a lie manipulation by the power
controlling this world. these alien exist here before human already.

helpendthefed says:

They’re keeping us safe!

YBSMike says:

Just an FYI, At about the 7:20 mark, the volume GOES UP ABOUT 300%.

Awi Rivera says:

In the early 70″ I had a close call with a ship in the middle of the day I
was 7years old my mom and my older sister saw it to but I never said any
thing to any one

santiago Estrella says:

First !!!

Gman351 says:

this chick is a fucking Idiot you meet some Hybrid children and you don’t
take any pictures what a fucking load of shit

Benjamin Jeffries says:

No evidence???? 

James Mueller says:

Alien abductions are truly reaching epidemic proportions..this is why we
should deport all illegal aliens now!

isabella andersen says:

seriously why or what are they aliens with cows? why just cows? what do
they want with the cows? why hear not so much about other animals besides
humans and cows??????

Emma Mende says:

Wow! This is fascinating! I’m glad there are more parts :D

michael gleason says:

222 on a mission !

l harrison says:

This could all be a secret government experiment,maybe they drugged people
and showed them some picture of a alien,and those people thought they were
being abducted by real aliens.

Mama T. says:

They are not aliens they’re Jinn…

timelord52 says:
Citizen of Gotham says:

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