Alien Abduction Stories – Part 2


Zya Madison says:

smartest nan in the world even saids that aliens exist and tht he believes
we shouldn’t be making any contact bcuz if we do thy will come…but thy
will not come in peace…
The Evidence is right in our faces but some pple r to scared to believe
it…sum pple dnt believe it at all…why?bcuz of what the government
saids. But who cares,thy hide shit from and thy have been doing it for Wtf is there to hide? You say you try to protect us, but how are
you protecting us buy hiding things that we should probably prepare for
when things come to be?the government is selfish and only care for
themselves…and will continue to be tht way

felixmarbles says:

Im not moking anything. im just not religious,. I beleive in MYSELF not
someone else, I have the power, I control my life. The religious are just
to lazy to think and fend for themselves. Tarot has nothing to do with
religion and that suposid magic man in the sky. do a little research on
tarot, is it that you think they worship the devil and thats what tarot is?
if so, oh your dead wrong.

Zzozze says:

and in the mind of an alien? 😉

mario6sic6 says:

never believe a man with crooked glasses!

Gil Style says:

thanks for uploading

Putz4Ever says:

@GioGrimaldi No, and i have my own reasons why. We follow the Christian
calendar! It has been 2011 years since the death of christ! Whether you are
religious or not, thats when we started the calendar, and the Mayans are a
different religion as is… They where a civilization that started 12,000
years ago! 2012, using the mayan calander, happened 9088 years ago. Thats
my thought. Why would the Mayans follow the christian calander?

tall32guy says:

@SolidSulfur It happens to way more ages than that! LOL There’s people from
a lot of different ages that say they were abducted…

Putz4Ever says:

claimed of being abducted by reptilian aliens, lion looking aliens, cat,
dog.etc And even a human look alike. But what do the greys look like?
PLAIN… Do you think over our 6 biillion years of planetary existance they
bread with different animals and we are just the latest? Think about it.
White mixes with brown, you get light brown. white mixes with green you get
light green.etc

fasterix says:

jajaja LOL

Dan Frederiksen says:

you want to mock christianity yet you believe in tarot cards?

Giovanni Grimaldi says:

@Putz4Ever (SECOND COMMENT) existing, just check it out on the net. More
and more alien sighting are reported, and there were MANY stories of
abductees of which they told a simulair story. I find this very interesting
because come on there has to be something else then human beings, I mean
scientists have calcultad that there are A BILLION planets JUST LIKE EARTH.
So I don’t know, it would be naive to think there is no other species then
humans, What do you think??

petetp1000 says:

These comments are to long. I can’t be fucked reading them. Booo hiss your

mike noga says:

^black guy

The Royal Knights MC says:

@TheSquidPartol u thought about sleepwalking ? … happened to me

Michael Meza says:

@AdamtheArchitect cuz they thought it was sexy 😛

eckrote says:

@Zzozze lol, i like that

WrAth2110 says:

And a Chinese or Iraqi can’t put themselves in the mind of an American.

ricosuavable says:

jack layton is an alien

hadore152 says:

@att2112 i love noory’s radio show

KingC260 says:

@Stanley what is the website

Stacey7742 says:

When you channel how do you know for sure who’s coming through?

AussietheAustralian says:

Cuckoo !

Dan Frederiksen says:

and how do you explain the telepathy

MysTeri0usMatT7 says:

@John1576able continued: while I looked at this object, I couldn’t say
anything and I felt almost “paralyzed”, like something or someone was
watching me from the sky, it kinda scared me but I just laid there and kept
watching. A few minutes passed and I lost sight of it instantly, it was
very, very peculier and bizarre. I’m 17 now and doing some research around
the net I learned that what i might have seen was something called a
“probe”, and there’s been a lot of videos on them as well.

All Who Initiate Violence Are Wrong says:

Humans currently are extremely selfish and materialistic. This is one
reason they cannot understand the aliens. Of course, they can manufacture
anything you can imagine, even clone humans. So, why then are they here? To
put it simply: Their understanding of reality is far deeper than ours. They
see connection where we see division. We might call them alien where they
might call us their children, their family, their unruly kin, like a
rebelious teenager who thinks they know it all.

poppyplanet1 says:

Nice posts. How cool would it be if Obama walked out with a grey in public,
showcasing the world that these entities truly exist.

Nate Hamann says:

:37 Lost all legitimacy and my interest. Do you smell BS? I do!

zoombeezz says:

I have spaceship and robot….

IloveCupcakesandTea says:

@Devilkill13 hahaa lol good one

Klankumz says:

@Zzozze It’s WAY too narrow for us to fit in. 🙂

IloveCupcakesandTea says:

@Zzozze dosent matter ..and i diddnt ask u anything either

1973mazdarx4coupe says:

Thanks Robert Shapiro for making all abductee victims look like fraudulent
fuck heads ! good job ! youve proved my point ! no one has been abducted,
except for me. my vids prove my abduction

John1576able says:

Well, go ahead and laugh, but I have seen U.F.O.s for most of my life,
(never even knew they ‘were’ U.F.O.s until a few years ago, always thought
were just landing lights of aircraft or Venus, or Satellites reflecting
sunlight). What are they? what are they doing? who knows. But small pieces
of the puzzle (why some of us only see them from a great distance away)
fall into place as we grow older. The distance thing is because some of us
have people around who the U.F.O.s avoid.

AdamtheArchitect says:

lol why did they have a shot of that guy drinking some water?

Zzozze says:

8:33 americans can’t even put themselves in the mind of an Iraqi or a

Giovanni Grimaldi says:

@Putz4Ever I’ve watched it, very interesting indeed. I believe that the
human mind can do way more then we think, we just need to open up and
realize how the truly universe works BTW what is your opinion about 2012?
Do you believe the world will end in 2012? I personally doubt it but who
know right, the world as the we know it could end tomorrow.

Ruth Mckay says:

Oh yes!

raggedmoorlander says:

Iraqis weren’t the aggressors. The Americans invaded and occupied their
country for no other reason than to get their hands on the oil spigot and
killed over a million innocent civilians (according to the peer-reviewed
study in the Lancet), and injured many times more. So it’s completely
inappropriate to talk about Iraqis not being able to put themselves in the
minds of an American.

Giovanni Grimaldi says:

@Putz4Ever You know MANY abductees are saying that the Greys aren’t the
only alien species, they say that they saw reptilian creatures and also
human-like ones. So you’re right on that I guess. But I’m wondering WHAT DO
THEY WANT? I mean if they can travel trough time and space with light to
get here then they must be VERY advanced. The most logical idea is that
they have run out of resources so they try to dominate this planet. Even
the fking pope told the people that there where aliens

VGVstudios says:

I beleive the bible. The bible says god created MAN. But what of he created
man on other planets besides the earth. What if there are other
civilizations of man on other planets that call US aliens?

Jamal .Maximilian says:

5:10 i trust einstien

Ray ismyname says:

Aliens scare me. I’ve seen one, seen ships and everytime, things go very
wrong. I notice that most people that hve anything to do with these
critters also has no belief in Christ or GOD. Also, calling on Jesus stops
them in their tracks and makes them leave. I don’t know them to be nice I
don’t know them to be anything other than theives that take without asking
because they don’t feel that they should have to ask. Their “women” are
lizard-like and try to mate with human men. Succubus they are.

rockyracoon024 says:

lol…this dude at the beginning has to get drunk on wine before

BKZik says:

@soloprotecter what you are saying is bullshit. I rather believe in Aliens
than believing in what’s said in the bible, talking snakes, man living in a
big fish, being saved by the death of the “son of god” on the cross.
Where’s the logic in all that? God never wrote the bible, men did, way
before humanity could even know what an atom was or even that the earth
wasn’t flat at all. Grow up a little and stop believing in stupid shit just
becuz you can’t find the truth.

prescomp says:

scientist are like minded with the US government…. they can`t stand for
anything on thier own….

MysTeri0usMatT7 says:

@John1576able you should never be ashamed of the simple fact that you have
observed unidentified flying objects in your lifetime, trust me, I woke up
one morning back in july of 2008 at around 8:30 in the morning, my brother
and I had been “camping” out in our backyard in a tent overnight for fun,
the tent door was opened and i was lying on my back looking at the sky, I
noticed a white probe looking thing hovering about 80+ feet in the air, it
was stationary and looked oval shaped.

valerie c says:

lol….nice plug! Silly bugger.

Putz4Ever says:

@GioGrimaldi And with that i think they are too advance so they take
enjoyment in creating new species and studying how they evolve into smart
creatures. I myself have watched way to much to explain all i know,
litterally i’ve seen over 400 documentaries on this in the past 2 years!
And 40 related to the topic, some things arnt even related but could be!
Look up Your wish is Your command, something the govenment wants to hide,
involves how the brain works and contains all cures, natural cures.

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