Dr. Michael Persinger 1994

Dr. Michael Persinger discusses the relationship between neuroscience and the alien abduction phenomena.


Benjamin Brown says:

“Doctor Michael Persinger Laurentian University” anagram-ciphers to
“GP/DoD2 mental virus terror & air hue insanity licenced”.

galletta6121 says:

Just look at every single beautiful flower, animal and landscape. Look at
all the spectacular variations of each. One visit to a tropical reef with
an abundance of beautiful colorful creatures should tell you that your life
here is absoulutly no accident. But let’s assume this did start by accident
in some primortial soup struck by a lightning bolt, What are the chances
that we would have recieved a pair of eyes and indophines to enjoy this
beautiful place we call Earth? This is no accident!

Cinnamon Stevens says:

@galletta6121 Go look up on youtube “Extraordinary people, The artist with
no eyes, Esref Armagan” a Blind man from birth able to draw Extraordinary
paintings being totally blind, not all brain functions shut down, In 2006
scientists in the UK and Belgium did an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance
imaging) on a woman in a vegetative state and found that parts of her brain
showed activity and if child are born in a religious family kids could
construct a NDE with whose beliefs =)

BrutusCass says:

Thanks for up loading this.

FrozenDoberman says:

No. They are interesting theories, but like most theories, they will never
be 100% proven.

aimersten says:

i want to go to this place.

Natalia Fateyeva says:

@galletta6121 ugh, but have you tried watching this with ur brain switched
ON? this precisely shows u don’t need to have a concept of god to have
these experiences, as they are an intrinsic part of our natural brain
function, just as ppl also can start experiencing sexual urges before the
“concept” has been known to them, bcs their brain chemicals make them ,as
for “outer-body experiences” with blind ppl, 1 explanation: ppl lie, did
you know that?there may be others&they dont have to be divine

PSSherwood says:

“A similar portion of the brain is involved.” Lay people need to know that
this casual supportion is okay for living romm conversations but in no way
is an expression of a science based conclusion. It cannot be taken to mean
anything in describing a connection between two phenomena. Proctor S.

silversobe says:


giuli211 says:

you have been his student?

ask222 says:

this man is a genius.. im proud to have been his student.

eMathSpace says:

experience the universe next door by suppressing selective brain

RJ8812 says:

wow…15 years later and he still wears the same 3-piece suit! love this

EatADuck says:

@galletta6121 you should look on google video : ”psychotropic drugs and
the nature of reality”

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