Experiencers Speak 2 – 11 – Michael Austin Melton – Alien Abduction, Roots of Trauma & Healing

Experiencers Speak 2 9/6-9/8 2013 – Michael Austin Melton (Organizer: Starborn Support Radio) – Alien Abduction, Close Encounters, Roots of Trauma & Healing.


Chris Augustin says:

I’m sorry to hear about your encounters, one of the best things you can do is reach out for help. Michael and I are always available, as a part of Starborn Support. We also run Starborn Support Radio on blog talk radio. Please check us out, as we are here to help you.

InfoWarriorTheEnlightenedOne says:

Chris i am just watching this About the PTSD, I have every single one of the symptoms that Michael has talked about, I have seen well over 400 UFOs, I have nobody were i come from nobody to truly talk to, This has hurt my mental its 100 percent clarification that i was abducted at some stage over past 10 yrs. There is a sense of loss now and that is the truth.

Audrey Hewins says:


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