Inside Alien Abduction Jim Sparks Pt.1

Alien Abduction.


muchoelectro says:

sounds very familiar. i’ve had the grey presence (and fear) all my life,
but they finally disappeared a few months ago. i even sense that they
aren’t here, now. the only time i can remember seeing one is the last time
one touched my head while i was in bed. it showed me tall people coming to
earth from one of the planets that orbits one of the siruis stars. feel
free to delete this response.

martha steward says:

@TAMYCRON can you teach me to get better in starcraft 2 ???

Colin M says:

youre high!

Standard420247 says:

Oops Dick in your mouth!

usopp luffy says:

i watched the interview jim sparks had on coast 2 coast am. ever since i’ve
been fasinated by him.

Colin M says:

youre high!

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