McPherson Alien Abduction 4/5

This is the McPherson Alien Abduction case. This happened in Lake County in 1998. A simple investigation into a power outage results in the discovery of alie…


jgoobix says:

Dammit people, this is the REMAKE of the original video. Not the original

Martinezdelagarza Vv says:

Radiation Is why they feel hot and got blisters prob the ship burn the

MITCHtheyknowUFO says:

what is the point and if its real why is there no swearing

Bonnie Hughes says:

I know I don’t have any videos. I had to make a channel so I could watch u
Guy’s videos! I was wrong bout ur channel! Im sorry! I will be subscribing
if that is OK with u! U have ALOT OF VIDEOS I WANT TO WATCH!!! LIKE ALL OF

Kennedi Grace says:

At 12:20, NO the aliens cause this they cause the blackout and it made the
brothers lead them to the UFO,if the aliens didn’t cause the blackout none
of this would happened

Bonnie Hughes says:

U got me interested on this movie! Where’s 5/5?

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