Mr. Hank: Alien Abduction #7 – The Oracle

Mr. Hank speaks further on his trip to Saturn with the Zargonians. He receives a visit from an Oracle from the planet Rigelfor. Can anybody find Funky Town in order to get Mr. Hank back home…


TheHandyGoddess says:

What an amazing adventure. I wish I could have joined you!

MrHanksWorld says:

@HarveyEspatchelowe Jeff Middlemiss is the artist. He’s quite a talented

Aleistertubbie says:

oh! 😀

The7alexander7 says:

wonderful series

HarveyEspatchelowe says:

Wow! Those are some cool paintings back there!

MrHanksWorld says:

@batlewitch Thank you for the warning…

Steve Norris says:

that was cool nice video

oneprincess777 says:

awesome ;))))))))) like it 😉

Superheroine Killer says:

cool video I add 5

Josep Murillo says:

xdd very nice ! i like this movie xd!

Gaby Borges says:

This is a Great Video thanks for sharing, Gaby ★★★★★

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