Sleep Paralysis

Scientists have a theory about why alien abductions usually occur at night.


FlyGuys98 says:

So this only happens during lucid dreaming

Whale Cat says:

I have sleep paralysis. I’ve had it since I was around 5 & I still remember my very first encounter with it. So, I’ve done my research and sleep paralysis only last 2-10 minutes. It can also kill you. Chances are so so so so so veryyyy slim. But, It changes your breathing pattern. It may cause you to stop breathing and you may die.

Ratchet629 says:

This happens to me every night, only if I sleep in the mummy position though. I hate it /:

3xRibbonettesx3 says:

Has your husband tried calling on the name of Jesus Christ? I heard that it stopped some people’s abductions. 

michael do says:

yes you are correct haha its not somehting ot be afraid of

michael do says:

to wake up from sleep paralysis change your breathing pattern and you snap out of it in 20 sec and theres nothing to be afraid of. Apparently you can escape your physical body and visit other places while in this “mode” though

Sabrina Kehr says:

oh she would have her nails dig in to my skin and scream i yelled nobody heard me 3 hours later i woke up

Sabrina Kehr says:

This blond haired girl comes walking slowly i try to move!(she was the nurse…… i woke up my heart was going sooooooooo fast i feel my leg it hurts still….. Kids dont go home and say Sabrina said that if i fall asleep this crazy nurse will kill me…. No! she wont ( WARNING) IF EVER HAPPENED FALL ASLEEP. OR GO THROUGH THE PAIN XD OR SHAKE YOUR BODY TILL YOU WAKE UP THANKS FOR READING IF YOU EVEN DID BYE 🙂 i want you guys to be safe, outside and dreams- Bye little monsters

Sabrina Kehr says:

there is at

Sabrina Kehr says:

Oh my Gosh i had this yesterday night. If you don’t understand this or if you think its not real it is…… So don’t go home and tell you parents that I’m not gonna sleep anymore but, Anyways ill get started with what i had……. think of it like this…… i was in a white room, in my bed laying down i looked out the side of my eye. I see that ther

brownsweets1 says:

I have suffered from this. It is very terrifying. I find if I keep my eyes closed and hold my breath it helps me come out of it. It feels like I am getting dragged through the air back into my consciousness, however by keeping my eyes closed I keep myself from seeing any hallucinations and holding your breath is a simple and successful way to snap out of it.. Although I can never place a time limit on how long this lasts (time seems to stop) it shortens the experience and I suggest it to anyone

Emilio Lozano says:

How can someone do research on this that never experienced this. How??? Its a horrifying experience and has yo do with evil. Demons ghost aliens why are most subjects seeing the dame things. Stop being lazy on research natgeo the truth is you dont know what the hell this is. My husband suffers constantly from this and its ruining his life. We need real answers for this happenings.

xela12511anailuig says:

This is real. The most terrifying feeling ever. You can’t talk about unless you’ve experienced it

Lorenzo Rota says:

It’s scary as hell. I had it once, and I decided to shut my eyes, and I suddenly sensed the feeling of falling down a building.

Jacob Soper says:

Sleep paralysis is cool, you can learn to control it and enter a lucid dream

Hoa DangTran says:

no longer video?

tavinvasquez says:

bowshit, shit is not fucking demons. Thats like saying that its a religious reason why your sleep cycles are fucked up. Theres medical reasons why it happens, you dont have to insist its demons, weve learned more since the dark ages…

saviouremmanuel says:


saviouremmanuel says:

I have beem struggeling with this for 2 years..nothing semed to help..almost everynight..something like a intelligent spirit…once it growled i my ear…once it opened a door and when i turned to look i was hit by a overwhelming sleep wave..althought i was completely aware of what was happening and fought the sleep wave off..i had to succumb to it and let it put me to soon as it put me to sleep i immediatly aborted the dream and woke up into sleep paralysi DUDE.this phenominon is real

TheHoppip says:

I used to have these all the time they got boring tho I remember when I was really little I was thrown out of my bed and onto the floor where I was greeted by a small dark figure that t looked like the hobbit from the new movie. He pounded down into my chest cavity until I couldn’t breath… Then I woke up to a seizure

XxbunnxX says:

Whenever someone says they want to experience sleep paralysis i’m just like are you fucking kidding me it is terrifying and it sucks turn away before it’s too late you arse.

badassgrunt88 says:


DaAss Man says:

this happened to me three times, i was fully awake but unable to open my eyes or move.
i was having a dream about the grudge movie, the grudge woman began screaming in my face and everything turned black, my brain felt like it was shaking and turning black.

Aaron9Lives says:

I can open my eyes when it happens usually. Never experienced seeing things like some have mentioned. I just have like a tingly/shaky feeling going through my body. Scares the shit out of me every time it happens.

Mike Hawk says:

Alright so this just happened to me, it’s happened to me a couple times in the past too but I don’t see ANY of this stuff. All I know when it happens is I’m trying to move but I can’t and everything is black is off my eyes are closed. There’s a way to get out of it you just Gota tell yourself to move. Takes a good minute but it works. Still kinda freaks me out everytime it happens.

Deric English says:

Nigga you drawlin

lildaves919 says:

i use to do ecstasy for fun as a teenager till this shit started happening to me. it would be on like the 3rd night after taking it. but the lights, someone banging on the door, you can’t move and a dark figure walking towards you. to me it always look like the devils son from Constantine at the end walking towards me

mlis875 says:

I have sleep paralysis and none of this stuff happens to me.

Smithschannel says:

This happened to me once when I was young. I hope it never happens again..

Priscilla Espinoza says:

that aint no sleep paralysis. that’s a demon. I called out to jesus and he helped me. just say his name and he will save you.

pacoe122 says:

I hate this shit I levitate around the room

Alexis Santschi says:

I have sleep paralysis but you don’t see me imagining things.


I just had this happen to me and it’s a true nightmare!! It feels as if theres a strong force holding you down and you cannot move even if you try really hard, also it feels as if something evil is in your room watching you you can even feel the precense and sometimes you can kind of see it.. This is seriously scary! whoever has not experienced this I warn you now that when you do you will crap in your pants!! :S

streetz23 says:

lol nothing geographic about national geographic but i enjoy watching

Med Castel says:

I’m thinking seizures

Med Castel says:

I’ll start, the lucid dreams, people that aren’t supposed to be there (dreams), music that “isn’t playing, day time flashes meaning I could be walking then BAM a glimpse of someone or somewhere ooh yeah a while lucid dreaming its someone else eyes your seeing through.

Med Castel says:

I’m wondering if we has similarities who wants to join in this fun?

Med Castel says:

I’d like to compare things with whoever wants too

jingypsea says:

The Number of the Beast LYRICS  take a look at that he has seen them too . shocking lot more people are waking up now days . i have given so much thought on this i think i know what they are

Plague360kc says:

One more thing. How can science explain the intense buzing feeling most people get through out different part of their body’s. It can be so intense it almost tickles. For me it ranges from a buz in my head, my side, my heart and my arms. What is this strange energy. There is more to SP than just being asleep while your mind is awake.

Plague360kc says:

I’m past the fear yet I still see these evil things. Ive had this my whole life, so I have grown to accept it. I may not fear it but it’s still there. So I just let it be, dont react and over the years of having It I have learned to force myself awake. Why would hundreds of thousands of people “rationalize” a similar entity such as the typical old witch or demons. I have seen things not even the deepest realms of my emagination could create.I dont think it’s just my emagination. But nobody knows

Plague360kc says:

Thank you ive been watching sleep paralysis videos all night and this is the only comment that has made any sense. Check out Static Flowing on my channel it is a song about sleep paralysis from my own experiences.

Plague360kc says:

Demons….they dont want you to know that these things exist. Dont believe the hype. There is most definatley an afrerlife and spirits both evil and good do exist.

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