The Extraordinary: INCREDIBLE ALIEN ABDUCTION, CHURCH GHOST, SUPERNATURAL (PARANORMAL DOCUMENTARY) Incredible alien abduction verified by multiple witnesses and lie detector …


65rowan says:

I have seen his friend on YouTube under hypnosis and he his very

casey james says:

Pfff,stupid aliens,I can anal probe you people a helva alot better than
some fake ass alien.Call me if you guys want abducted and anally probed,I
gotta van,dildo,kay-y and a green mask,straight legit.Just like you
remembered.Don’t bring JEBUS into this or he’ll get the probe too!!!

RenegadeTimes says:

Wagner now an old man in his 80’s. His time will come to face the other
side. If he allowed Natalie Wood to die once she went overboard one can
only hope he is greeted by the proper authorities when he exits this life.
New information has surfaced and it may well tell of Wagner’s role in her

Farley Boy says:

I know that if I were to be abducted by some aliens that looked like greys
or insectoid’s , I would keel over and croak right there on the spot, and I
would end up in jar’s on an alien space ship flying around the universe. I
could handle seeing ghosts, or even a demon or two, and other people don’t
scare me, I am a vet and have been in combat, and that did scare me, but
nothing like I would be if I were to be abducted by aliens. My heart would
just go kaput and I’d be deader than a doornail.

Farley Boy says:

They always say that they believe these kind of story’s are true because
the people have been hypnotized and they recall these memory’s, but I have
heard that you can lie while under hypnosis, so what’s to say that they are
telling the truth? Having said that, I really do believe that Travis Walton
was picked up by aliens or at least by something that was not of this earth
or plane of existence .

Farley Boy says:

Hey , they should look into that psychic about the dead couple. She see’s
them in the woods and they come up murdered? Hmmmm..

A. Leigh Ann says:

🕯Aiens are real👽
👻Ghost exist 👹demons too
👼🏼Angels also & Jesus lived
There is a God & most everyone is expecting a return.💫🌟 ✨
.. 🔮thats all I have to say right now.
🌎Peace on Earth. Goodwill towards men. & Women.

Random Fact: 🌳Cannabis🔬kills💉Cancer 📿🕳 »Ⓜ️♉️💟✝️⚛️☯️🛐☮️« 🔭🙄☝🏽

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