UFO Sightings Shocking Encounter Three Year Old Abducted By Aliens!!! Terrifying Live UPADTE!

UFO Sightings Terrifying Encounter Three Year Old Abducted By Aliens Live UPADTE! If you have captured anything Amazing regarding UFOs contact Thirdphaseofmo…


Istinkitup says:

If people claims to be abducted, they should bring back a souvenir like some alien technology so we can know if you are telling the truth or not!

Istinkitup says:

I found a UFO once. but it was tiny in the sky

TheStuffNews says:

You must have had not many relationships yet my friend…

Vitam1nWat3r says:

ufos are real but this dude posts more fakes then real he is not credible. disinformation alert

spitfirepilot69ad says:

Ufo/s real yh.but u guys r takin shit lol

mrarn19951 says:

Goon you’re heavy no scottish hahah mad ned

MarkO Polo says:

It’s third phase of a goon…again. and everyone else is Norwegian

twofawnswolfbandmeti says:

you’re kidding right? girlfriends do that kind of stuff you know

arondom person says:

If people are being abducted over and over. Why hasnt anyone come up with a way to take a photo or film the incident without electricity? The aliens obviously are able to shut off all power to anything but if there is something ran without power they are unable to controle it. You never hear of a windmill being shut off when they are around.

daoc76 says:

yes and the ones who look like us or should say we look like, did not create the grays lol if u know anything in the exopolitic realm u would know how funny that sounds to say nordic aliens or ones we look like made the grays, u need to look back to reptilian history of galaxy for that not nordics etc but anyway this whole bs of which was is evil which is good is not even reality, theres service to self aliens and service to others out there and alot are have been interacting here for eons

trancehi says:

You do realise the term Nordic regarding ufology doesn’t mean human beings from Northern Europe, more that Nordic aliens resemble those from Northern Europe, ie, Nordic looking.

daoc76 says:

lol thumbs downed within first 2 mins the way guy says word alien is weird to begin with, plus had to rofl when he said nordics made the grays!

m67pia says:

Mark should be shecked for inplants…

m67pia says:

Mufon is owned by the government…

Brayan Soriano says:

thats like what happens to mee

ph11n1x says:

What a solid statement. Ignorance is bliss.

Raymond Weaselhead says:

Do you guys take any other evidence of other things ? like sasquatch

Berlusconi Silvio says:

childraper aliens

ellesdad says:

Ufos aren’t real everybody knows that……. Well some ppl

Keepontop1 says:

I’m just going to dislike all your vids when I click on them now you are full of shit

Lytsout193 says:

Disinformation! These idiots are 100% fake

eleones says:

“my name’s not really Mark”….hah! Thanks for your credible testimn


this channel is lies upon lies,why use so much of your time to make a channel like this just to disinform?you must be getting paid

Valientthor1 says:

Blake the aliens are going to get you and probe your anus! :). Phil Schneider,Bob Lazar,Billy Miers. Key people. We are the aliens experiment

Tony Nelson says:

i beliwe they are evil..

Tony Nelson says:

where is the proof..?

madtweaker100 says:


sorrenable says:

mark just give a dam sample of wood for examination you sound fake

Tommy Aventadore says:

In my opinion BLAKE IS A LYING LOW LIFE CUNT!! Of a blond haired slut and a grey hairless bastard. Pardon my french people. Murci

sorrenable says:

oh my god people, Now blake is fakeing an interview with DR.j d elius.! go to 14.8mins on the video where blake gets a call from an 818 etc number !!! well bake is taking too his brother BRENT !!!! We all now brents voise

geFF soLO says:


meghraj420 says:

30.55 -31.10 i guess that… may be they are back again. ha ha .that was kinda funny.

Charles Courville says:

Hey guys I thought I’d send you a link on a video I did for a friend. It all about Aliens and UFOs.

I’m an abducte and was part of MUFONTARIO in Canada in the 90s. That is where I met my friend.

You said to send you anything on the UFO subject so I thought you may find this short video disclosure very interesting.

In This Skin by Wayne St. John: Youtube.com/watch?v=HkB1l4llr7M

Keep up the great work guys.



Arian Ali Kashani says:


BellumEtPacem says:


dntboreme says:

Is this interview with chong from Cheech and Chong? Maybe next time you can interview Tai Taquila.

merlinab88 says:

Our spiritual evolvement goes hand in hand with et phenomena , the very fact the et topic has been taboo and covered up only adds to the fact just how important it is, what’s important isn’t just the encounter , it’s the propulsion systems behind these etv’s that can free humanity from the powers that were, this above anything is one of the reasons the disclosure was kept from humanity for way over 60 years, not to mention how disclosure will crash world religions and crash their banking empire.

Herb Walker says:

Look guys, Theres a lot of BS on the internet, some I believe ,some I do not. You as a viewer have to DECIDE what Y O U think is real or not. Blake is NOT telling you EVERYTHING on TPM is REAL and to BELIEVE IT, he is simply presenting what OTHER PEOPLE have told or given to him. It up to YOU to decide. All these cussing comments are not needed.If 98% of what he shows is BS ,so be it. It IS the other 2% we need to focus on. Leave the childish comments somewhere else.
Blake, Good job reporting!

moverling5 says:

You have no idea who John E. Mack is? And you claim to be interested in or knowledgeable in UFO’s! You are unreal! The guy wanted to know if you ever knew or heard anything about the John E. Mack Institute. Sorry Blake but I must unsub! You are just another “enthusiast”. It’s hard to take you serious when you know nothing in the field.

xavier RJS. says:

OH Come on its Easter Sunday we should be eating chocolate eggs and having fun yet am here listening to verbal diarrhea,there’s so much Bullshit coming out these guys mouth there liable to blow up due to too much methane exposure,this is embarrassing.

Alex Vasquez says:

I hope Blake cousins get anal raped by aliens.

toiwin says:

your so right he is mumbleing has no further information and is not even solid in any opinion or thought

Mykal Esparza says:

And who is this first caller? Mumbooooo jumbooooooo!

Mykal Esparza says:

You know what Aliens are…. They are a fukn piece of Shit!!!!!! Fukn deceiving bastards !

creyn68 says:

I used to respect thirdphase but latley you’ll put any idiot on air no matter what they say.come on man just because they say the word alien go back to the what made you a “good source ” or this fan can and will get respectable info else were

SprintClouds says:

This is a good video. Can you guys sub to me. Im not asking for much

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