Alien Base Discovered On Mars? 2014 HD Available

Interesting anomaly found on Google Mars that could show an Alien complex or installation of some kind. This is unlikely to be an image artifact, mainly beca…


Mange Dlamarde says:

It’s the “My computer” icon

segomil says:

Even if all image are from our moon , mars or close to us IN eARTH : ALL
IMAGES ARE BLURRING & INACCURATE ! so funny & boring !

slinkers111- IR UFOS CANADA says:

according to your scale , this thing is huge , looks as if it`s for flying
into and out of by craft or something

Steve O says:

That’s where you blow it up silly, it’s a balloon!

Carl Williams says:

WOW! That’s cool. Finally we’re getting somewhere; Disclaimer: assuming the
video has been appropriately vetted of course.

Sean Carter says:

go to 45 00 N 27 37 E and you will see the nail in the coffin that this is
not a base guys…..I know…I’m disappointed too

geo man says:

I can’t even imagine what it would be like to fly in space… unreal!!

Sean Carter says:

well i looked for myself and found out there is several along the
conjoining scan line that combines the two strip images, i thing theyre
glitches cuz one is on the edge of a crater and it would make no sense to
be a doorway

Bud Green says:

Rumor has it there are aliens…wouldn’t surprise me if it’s us.

arturo says:

Somout of the whole planet you find a hole..must be aliens? So you think
they live in the planet not on the planet and have one way in and one way

Bazooka Jocke says:

Necrons Tombworld!!

marcinczyrka79 says:

1th McDrive on the Mars

Canarsie Pier says:

why can’t it be an American base?

MrNiceguy1311 says:


MrRedNeckParadise says:

Alien base? That’s an invalid assumption. You’d just as well invoke Dorothy
and the Wizard of Oz, for all the good you’re doing.

The proper question is: WTH is that? The best you can do, at this point, is
to find a HD pic of the same spot…or go to that location on Mars and see
just wth it is.

Markku Berggren says:

Perhaps a thinglebob scale model of mars so it can be used to demonstrate
the size of that vast base. 16 miles across I will fall over right now. I
suppose the could and are much bigger. Cant help but think they could have
easly on the moon. There is a 1 way expedition to mars in a few years and
the chinese said they will be waiting. This is so confusing.

Eridu Sirius says:

beautiful piece of music. What is the name of the group? I love it!

Rehman Hussain says:

Load of rubbish

Vincent King says:

That’s barsoom

Raineys Shadden says:

I belive white people came from mars

CBK13th says:

It’s a trap

Zulu Tsuwar says:

That’s Mukalimi camp, i can see Bokato too.

myshambhala says:

That’s just an artifact which repeats along the line where two photo are
stitched in Google Mars. I just followed such line and have found few more:
1) 45°57’2.36″N 23°32’16.98″E
2) 45°42’51.54″N 23°33’31.38″E
3) 45° 0’47.83″N 23°37’34.84″E
4) 44°24’10.16″N 23°40’43.03″E
5) 43°47’30.44″N 23°43’39.18″E

You can find even more.

Serge deMontreal says:

ALIEN BASE … on Mars ?

infamousfanclub says:

Great discovery ADG!

MrSwotch says:

Pixelization in an object circle is broken. It is made by means of the
graphic editor…

Kevin Harman Jr says:

Great find…..Thanks for your work!

sanction100 says:

I think by now, we should be able to see things from other planet a lot
less blurry. Come on, with the technology that we have now, I can’t
make out what the hell I’m seeing. This thing clearly has a defined shape,
but still, I’m not sure what I’m seeing.

SchaefferMarius says:

Just look down a few will see the same “structure”..and again..and

coogie1980 says:

you would have to be dumb to belive our planet is thje only sourse of life
in the universe. any one answer i would love to know when do you think the
government will share what it knows of alien life with the public ???? any

blackwards1 says:

aliens are working with humans on mars..and thats a true fact..

Rebel Rhymes says:


Lexecheif says:

its the same Type of Entrance that’s already Here on Earth but ours is
being guarded by Our Military. This is no News to me. 

TheManualMachinist says:

Mars was alive at one point for millions of years. Is it really that
surprising to find things like this? Not to me. In the next fifty years
were goin to learn a lot people.

Markku Berggren says:

If ufos can cloak themselves then why not this base too. This is stunning
to say the least. I just think will they send a probe of some sort.

elaina valenza says:
Dave Ando says:

Its definetly not a martian dog house-you found something interesting

Ludus Jake says:

There are about 10 more of those in the same area on Google Mars.

Yor Highness says:

Unfortunatly there is no street view in Google Mars. Cant be done. Only
surface view from satallites. Optical illusion.

Chris Earle says:

Why is it on google earth now when you go to mars and zoom in you never get
clear pictures there always blurred

Mike Davino says:

sorry nasa cant afford good cameras 

Bobbertsandy says:

If you look due south there appears to be more shoddy airbrushing and you
can see 3 windows or ports.

Jarek Dalak says:

Regular shape, so it’s not a natural structure ! Good work ! ….oh one
error, the length probably is one mile, not 0.1-mile of course?

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