Alien Complex Found On Mars? 2014 HD Available

Interesting anomaly found on Google Mars that could show an Alien complex or installation of some kind. This is unlikely to be an image artifact, mainly because image artifacts are not well…


Alien Disclosure Group says:
Ammazonica says:

jasne, bo uwierzę… w GoogleEarth jest tyle samo bzdur

rborsibor says:

Two words: Base underground!!!!…thank you for upload this video.

EnergyInventor says:

swamp gas! :)



davidenespana says:

just a glitch in the data stream – its so small you’re enlarging pixels
which gives it the rectangular shape.

Mike Lee says:

Ohhhh shit sorry to every one watching this video, I forgot to shut the
door when I landed on Mars.

Dan Man says:

Seriously, you are taking credit for GOOGLE MARS?!?!?! Do some real work,
download original MGS images taken with MOC, and painstakingly analyze
them, you’ll find some pretty decent stuff over there, not posting this

Grenge g says:

Some day. some bastard is going to make millions of dollars with all these
crazy objects

Aaidas2 says:

This channel has officialy went to shit.

Manjula Hiran Palihena says:

Thank you !

Ladislav Csányi says:


TelewizjaNarodowaTV says:

What do you think about the so called MONTAUK PROJECT 

Mike Hagwood says:

Something that was meant to be seen. News flash: you’re not even looking at

AsbestosChapel says:

Its probably just a graphics artifact…

chelsea duncan says:
kcsunnyone says:

All NASA Mars footage was shot in the desert in Chile; all ‘Mars’ footage
was filmed on Earth.


respect your work but not google maps

Luis Hernandez says:

Is like gate…

ScorpioMexico says:

¿Construcción oculta en Marte?


what ever is we humans never will find out who knows but thanks for this.

Jeff Hileman says:


infamousfanclub says:

Great video Stephen!

Preliminimal says:

wow- i hope a better photo is available soon, too digital, but looks
definitely like an entranceway

LadyDanielle Zana says:

Looks like a hole, to bad its pixilated because … when shit like this
shows up, I wish I had a fucking spaceship and check it out myself, to hell
with Nasa, governments and stupid corporations.

dreamerein says:

Looks like a lost pixel too me.

Brain2A9 says:

No alien.Just a secret base of america.

ljs5114 says:

Perfect Square edges=made by intelligent beings. Awesome find keep up the
great work

DOC187able says:

Better back up your footage before the block that out of Google mars like
they always do tooo much swamp gas these days. ……

kuba0581 says:


Anubhav Saha says:

Well, there was a probe launched for Mars by India few days back, perhaps
it can be programmed to land and search that particular Martian area, and
perhaps we’ll find out the truth behind that thing..!!

Анна Шарипова says:

Baza ufo

Shaving Pvt. Ryan says:

A black dot on mars = alien complex, or an entrance to an alien base?
Do people actually take this serious or is this supposed to be on 9gag?
Cant believe this shit
Dont get me wrong im more than sure there are other intelligent life forces
in the unvierse but this utter bullshit is ridiculous

Chelenie Howard says:

Really blurry video not clear must of used the satellite camera not the
land rover humm yeah. You know NASA do things last year or the year before
that and make it for today. Shit I forgot NASA control Walt Disney. 

Isabella Hale says:

how funny.

lawrence britton says:

you humans are so dumb. we give you little clues, and yet you can not see
the big picture.

Thomas Waschko says:

very difficult. Well I think it’s very difficult to take something from
google. But…maybe….

nebula674 says:

How can this video have so much thumbs up? ? I mean every knows that
multiple pictures are overlapping eachother. Just like google earth. They
are doing a great job but it can’t be perfect you know….

torkataro says:

Podria ser una anomalia de la imagen , esta en una union de imagenes , se
ve claramente la linea donde se unen , si sigues la linea podras encontrar
mas ´´puertas´´ iguales
Interesante SaludoS

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