Alien Skull Found on Mars, Mars Rover 2014, Anomalies

Humanoid skull on Mars.Just another rock according to NASA.


Mark Fakename says:

Sometimes I see images in the clouds – are those aliens too???

B. F. De Luise says:

Not a skull, the nose is missing ;)

Mike Davino says:

just another manufactured dwelling for the little people.

FLStudioTutorialz says:

One word to say –> pareidolia -_________-

itzik eliasi says:

at least we know they can die, if one of years in the future they’ll

CloyMc says:

HOLY SHIT, its a … stone!

2AODX says:

probably have to agree with NASA.. really don’t think exposed bone could
sustain such exposure to the martian elements over a few hundred thousand
years and not end up as dust..

17soulable says:

Whatever it is, it’s surrounded by manufactured objects,,, cheers.

Martian Archaeoligist says:
Hilda says:

Hello Sam Im glad your okay.How do you like earth? Im fine so is jim bob and my new apoolo 40000 is wkniorg great and its pink.I think it might be a bit more than I imagened the way your going on about it.Are you okay from when you hurt yourself when you crashed?I miss you too!I wonder what the dark blue bit is?I thought the blue next to the green was the sky.I have seen a few rockets fly by but not yours,love from pink

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