Aliens UFOs Anomalies near the Sun – March 29, 2014

Quality images of UFOs. Visible structure of each object. I’m looking for advertisers For this channel! Please help this channel – a donation on PayPal: snez…


UFOstar7 says:

Great video, Its all ways nice to see are cosmic brothers.

kansas66701 says:

This is terrifying to see their incredible SIZE!!!! They appear like they’d
be able to swallow up the Earth, whole! I hope these never come visit us!

myunhauzen74 says:
Дмитрий Дарий says:

А почему наши научные круги то молчат? что сказать не чего по поводу данных
видео, или все это засветка типо, или просто человечество не хрена не

myunhauzen74 says:
Lichtkirsche says:

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