(Part 1 of 2) – A Google copyright claim on my recent “Rosetta 67p Comet Song” video may go some way to prove that the RADIO signal from this comet is in fact an alien subspace signal that…


paul roche says:

A. 67P isn’t a comet it is an asteroid, B the Rosetta mission was pushed
forward because of the signal, C It is absolutely bristling with tech and D
Clue as to the purpose of the Rosetta mission is in the name. My god do you
need this spelling out?….. 

alfonso King says:

Dude increase sound you have weak microphone thats annoying good video

BigBritsearching says:

Great find my friend!… It makes sense… Our own technology uncovers
intelligent communication!…music, a universal language, why not!

lenny2228 says:

Lovely sound it makes well pointed out
I would have thought the sound would have been a kind of steam fussy sound
Good images of ?????
As normal ArtALIEN heres my bit about a image on said item 14 February
close flyby, 16:12 GMT
link…item on left side of image
move up about half way
On the edge of said rock is a Alien form clinging on to the outside doing
something to a metal plate that has 5 or 6 items on it
quite clear 

Dendrox says:

Hmm this one I’m not so sure about, I honestly doubt that the sound is
intelligently created. I’ll have to wait for the second part.

Ancient Remains says:

Looking forward to Part 2!

ArtAlienTV - MARS ZOO says:

Thanks to Google for there over officious copyright software! Lol.

Bruder Steffen says:

to make a copy:

l harrison says:

At the 4.39 mark on the right side on the bottom of the Comet on the very
bottom tip,why does it look like a Satellite? What ever that is looks man

AdamWalkerUK says:


carl richardson says:

nice one mate,cant wait to hear it.

Dark Draven says:

Amazing video, And Bristol you say?, well I’m from just down the road in
Weston!. God it’s a small planet. Fancy meeting for a pint?. LOL.

lenny2228 says:

ArtAlien might have found something for your case
230 Search Results for “09 september 2014”
Have noticed in this image on this page. image 10 how flat it was on the
top end
In my own opinion its a platform with made odds and sods
Hope you find it 

BigBritsearching says:

It would be great if you discovered a Beatles tune!…..

The Outcast says:

Published on Feb 27, 2015
A Google copyright claim on my recent “Rosetta 67p Comet Song” video may go
some way to prove that the RADIO signal from this comet is in fact an alien
subspace signal that is attempting to communicate with whoever picks it up.

Googles/YouTubes digital fingerprinting software has flagged the 67p signal
section of the videos audio content even though it is supposedly just
random/naturally occurring noise according to the ESA and other scientists
around the world.

When listened to as it sounds from the ESA website (or in my video/link
below) it is hard to make out any obvious sequences.
In part two, I will include the time-stretched audio of the signal that
sounds very different.

This may turn out to be a crucial piece of evidence in this on going
anomalous episode. It indicates that the signal is musical/mathematical in
some way and may contain recognizable scale sequences / frequencies or
tempos that could perhaps be decoded.

Let me make this absolutely clear. The only part of the audio in the video
that is disputed is exactly where the comet signal starts. Nowhere else
before or after.

The actual sound of this so called comet is a series of low subsonic booms
that seem to have some pattern to them. They climb and drop in tempo and
pitch. Unfortunately the ESA have manipulated the sound and added reverb
effects making it hard to try and decode. Once I have uploaded the time
stretched and slowed down version it should be easier to study as it will
be nearer to the actual signal in it’s original state. I will call on
researchers and musicians with knowledge of music and mathematical patterns
to investigate it further. Something I am sure that the ESA are most likely
doing already.


ALIEN SIGNAL – Rosetta 67p Comet Song: INFRA-SOUND RECORDING. ArtAlienTV –
MARS ZOO 1080p

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