Giant Angel, UFOs and Alien Anomalies near our Sun – Monitoring of August 22, 2014

Attention! The disappearance of the sun in space! We see the stars, but do not see the sun! The sun disappears for a moment of time and people may not notice it, but the satellite was able…


myunhauzen74 says:

Mega giant UFO flew out of our sun and other UFOs in orbit of the Sun –
Monitoring August 23, 2014

myunhauzen74 says:
myunhauzen74 says:

Giant UFO near the Sun in the survey for August 20 and August 21, 2014

jorgedefoe1 says:

It’s Jebus !!

SgtElacore says:

Stalker Main menu music :D

Gabby Lane says:

Wow ! More signs in the heavens friends ! Look up our redemption
draweth nigh .

vasilis mazarakis says:
Wendy Banks says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

dasauerlaender says:


Человек - Земля - Вселенная says:
Peppi@peppitext says:

I think the sun is in a different waveband, which is not visible to humans.
She is in the same place just in a different level of consciousness. I see
it as proof that our universe arises.

Kelvin Telford says:
Nunya fknbizness says:
Sylvia Kinzie says:
James Lawrence says:
myunhauzen74 says:

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