Incredible Review! Huge UFOs and Giant Anomalies near the Sun on February 16, 2013.

In this review: Huge “RODs”, a giant cube 3:36, flying discs, amorphous formations, giant UFO different forms, the abnormal structure near the Sun. Official …


Lucas K. says:

Any idea what the giant cube is??

MyHils2 says:

Much like real life then …(nano-tech etcetera). (I did look it up). The
Cube is interesting too.


Is this meteors or ufo? tx. and keep up doing great job

Вишталюк Виталий says:

Мне надо на русском или на украинском языке.

electricfemale says:

Thank you, very dizzying and cool!!!

Oxana Shevchenko says:

Ну, супер))

TotalImplosion says:

13,000 years ago the Earth and Moon got very hot for a very short period of
time. Rocks from both locations, show micromelting 13,000 years ago,
causing an ELE. The UFO’s around the Sun are there to prevent a recurrence.
Earth was reseeded with sentient and other life 12,000 years ago and
everyone alive on Earth today, is a descendant of that seeding. Global
disasters kickoff March 21,2013 and extend in three waves into 2016. The
first global event of the first wave, happens before June 1, 2013.

Shermanator Osborn says:

This is just the tip of the iceberg too these pictures are taken only
5 per hour ,The meteor over Russia came from the general direction of the
sun , but the objects pictured here are humongous beyond belief

TotalImplosion says:

Search James Horak on YouTube. /watch?v=m8H0783FwCI /watch?v=6e08EewvSjE
/watch?v=UaBtTA23cko I can answer many more questions, in English. We are
on the verge of entering many great global disasters, starting March 21,
2013 and extending in three waves into 2016-2018.

Adam Isailovic says:

And now is August and guess what…You don’t see the future…Try again…

route33east says:

black triangle with yellowish center to the right of black square and down
and there is more triangles


It’s crazy that these are ships or whatever they are, are being ignored by
the vast majority of the public. Some think that ignorance is bliss? Not I,
I’ll take the good ole truth any day of the week!

rrsawant29 says:

what is this


mostly gravitational lendsing of distant galaxys edge on

Вишталюк Виталий says:

Видео интересное!

Stephen Clementson says:

The Borg 🙂

stitch24021 says:

it’s on star trek first contact, their ship has the shape of a cube,
bio-mechanical bastards, want 2 assimilate humanity and all that…

stitch24021 says:

the borg is here :O

Maxim Levchenko says:

появилось много очень длинных стержней,несколько десятков тысяч километров

MrTestica says:

borg cube

Вишталюк Виталий says:

Откуда информация?

myunhauzen74 says:


stitch24021 says:

come on… star trek…?

MyHils2 says:

Only ever watched a few episodes and the ‘borg’ wasn’t evident – sorry!
Thanks for the info though.

MyHils2 says:

What is the ‘borg’?

Maxim Levchenko says:

интересно что в стержнях, гуманоиды – туристы? посмтотрите налево пролетаем
Солнце,посмотрите направо – пролетаем Землю

Hwyeb Nick.C says:
John Gillies says:
Victoria Generao says:

BTW, all images from NASA …

Maryse Masse says:
Alexey Sapozhnikov says:

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