Jeff Rense & Jim Marrs – Bizarre Mars Anomalies

Clip from March 11, 2015 – guest Jim Marrs on the Jeff Rense Program. Full program available in Archives at


bob733333 says:

Colonize Mars. Have fun. See ya.

Everything the Feds say and do is bullshit.

fictitiousarts says:

Electric Universe/Thunderbolts Project channel. Watch ‘The Lightening
Scarred Surface of Mars’ and learn something useful.

MayorMacDeath says:

Everyone always talks about how nuclear weapons were first used on Imperial
Japan. But we hit New Mexico first.

MayorMacDeath says:

Meetings: The practical alternative to work.

Redrobinjohn says:

I don’t dismiss anything (almost anything) out of hand but at the end of
the day I decide if I turn left or right at the top of my street and no
matter what is happening in the world that is one of the very few things I
have control over

Todd Maiden says:

So you guys don’t trust the government right? Yet you trust NASA, a
government agency, and a military one at that! You trust everything they
tell you? You actually believe the images they put out? That’s just sad.
You must also believe in the thoroughly-destroyed moon landing fairy tale
too. I feel sorry for you.

GORGON says:

Washington Blinks: Will Seek Partnership With China-Led Development Bank
“”The Obama administration, facing defiance by allies that have signed up
to support a new Chinese-led infrastructure fund, is proposing the bank
work in a partnership with Washington-backed development institutions such
as the World Bank.” And with that, one giant shift towards de-dollarization
is now in the books.”ZH ………………… HOT Breaking News, Jeff, The
Party is on , last call for alcohol . Get your money (I owe yous) out of
the Banks, all Banks Now. Bank Of America possibly is the first victim of
the fed

EnergiedesLebens says:

Bitte, schaut Euch dieses Video an !

David Seaton says:

Nuke Wars 20 thousand years ago.What do you think is floating around
A Planet. They had there own Religious Wars with nukes.

Oona Craig says:

Read “Worlds in Collision” by Velikovsky. Venus passed by Mars and
destroyed it with electromagnetic plasma discharges. See the
ThunderboltsProject channel.

ProfRaccoon says:

Could the Mars civilization be a former earth colony, dating back before
the great flood during the glacial period and during an earth civilization
that was far more advanced than our modern technology? We are not supposed
to know anything about this ancient civilization, since it gives away the
fact that our technological & scientific evolution has been arrested on
purspose during the period 190-1945. We tend to explain the
“unexplainable” by pointing at extraterrestrial beings who came/come over
here, but I think that is all BS pushed by zionists (such as S.
Spielberg). The most logical explanation of all the “anomalous”
observations is a coverup of very advanced technology & physics that was
discovered and developed here, on planet earth, by terrestrial homo
sapiens. If homo sapiens could do this during a time span of a few
centuries, then it is logical to assume that our species was able to
develop high tech and advanced science more than 100 centuries ago, since
homo sapiens intelligence did not change that much during 100 centuries (is
even in decline today). If you are a physicist or technician with an
academic back ground, you must be utterly blind not to see the cracks in
the foundation of “standard” physics theory that we are tought today,

Jeff Rense should talk more with experts with dissident points of view and
knowledge about the exact sciences. A few names: Eugene Podkletnov
(inventor of gravity impulse generator), Wladimir Guglinksi (quantum ring
theory), Koen van Vlaenderen (background theory for Tesla waves, can point
out the mistakes in Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism). This way Jeff
Rense could prove his point of conspiracy and coverup, hidden agendas and
globalized terror, by means of undeniable scientific logic. The Rense show
would gain momentum and importance as never before.

The most effective control mechanism of humanity is/was to control and
arrest all scientific & technological progress. Science today is a very
unreliable science as prescribed by the global zionists, so we will never
make a real breakthrough in energy conversion engineering or controlled
gravity engineering, if we continue to believe in the validity of zionist
controlled science. I give a little hint (did this before): Maxwell’s
force law of magnetostatic forces conflicts with Newton’s third law of
motion. This error, deep in the heart of physics, had a very negative
effect on scientific progress. The solution of this problem will change the
science of physics and our technology for ever.

So are you going to bow deeply before the little green men, created in
Rothchild’s hidden DNA engineering labs, who are going to “rescue us from
WWIII and total annihilation”, in the coming years? If so, then continue to
be the stupid goyim slave your are now.

mary goddard says:

lets hope there is intelligent life on mars
and no one called bibi

Oona Craig says:

What the scientists didn’t foresee is that the mutated virus would cause
the victims to go insane, strangling Banksters on sight.

vastell1234 says:

Jeff Rense & Jim Marrs – Bizarre Mars Anomalies

../(,”)♥ 2:58 (Bizarre Earth Anomalies)

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Film setting.

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