MARS CACTI PLANT or WHAT? Name This Alien Anomaly. ArtAlienTV – MARS ZOO (R) 1080p

What looks like an alien cacti plant on Mars. It could be something else. If you have any ideas what else it could be leave a comment. The plant is about 5 i…


Conte Leite says:

It’s a dog in around are stones or objects.

250sabre says:

its a crab making a display to the rover,maybe its upset the rover is
there…weird anyway !!!! 

s404n1tn0cc says:

Actually it looks like a man is coming out of the sand Very slowly.

Ken Kowalski says:

there’s defiantly a foxes head in there?? 

ArtAlienTV - MARS ZOO says:

Shorter vrsion :)

rednecktreehugger says:

Do you have anything better to do? Guess I don’t!

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