MARS UFO – CRADLE POD: Amazing Alien Anomaly. “TOMBRAIDERS” ArtAlienTV – MARS ZOO 1080p

More astonishing parallels on Mars with “Planet of the Apes” with this little UFO type cradle pod. Fit for a 2 foot tall Mars alien or ape perhaps. The object is about 2 or 3 feet tall just…


DOCWHOK9 says:

Without any scale, this could also easily be a Motorcross Helmet or Fencing

George Marquis says:

Thx Joe, we just happened to be working independently on the same rich site
with this curious scene present. ‘ Obviously ‘/ha, ” great minds …etc.,
“. You’re a talented poster Joe, so hope you don’t mind if I give my view
or opinion occasionally ? Cheers. / -Morbius

George Marquis says:

A vid , ‘ Two Mars Beauties ‘, I posted a month ago, is of this same
scene, and as the tittle indicates, there appears two women standing in the
jaws of this admittedly strange phenomena, no less so as 0:41 here begins
to indicate as well. Perception and interpretation, in the strange
landscape of anomaly research, are often pivotal on equipment, programs and
training experience. But of course these are just my own thoughts here?
Cheers. / -Morbius

ArtAlienTV - MARS ZOO says:

“The Hand that Rocks the Cradle”!

M. Brust says:

MARS UFO – CRADLE POD: Amazing Alien Anomaly. “TO…:

Dale Ryan says:

Maybe story telling is just remembering on a subconscious level??

Mark Divjak says:

Good music, that is not a ufo that was in the paintings. In fact every such
paintins have two of them. I know what they are depicting, obvious you
watch to much ancient aliens. They tell lies because parots will believe
bullshit because they are to lazy to look up the real facts… I was one of
the ancient alien believers until I did some fact checking. How dumb I felt
afterwards for repeating that shows bullshit. All 99% of it…..

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