MARTIANS – BIG or SMALL? Comparing Alien Anomaly Sizes (2). ArtAlienTV – MARS ZOO 1080p

Was the previous civilization on Mars very small? Or were they various diifferent sizes? I comment here on a story in the Mirror newspaper about the evidence…


lenny2228 says:

Their is a ape like creature walking out in the open on your Kimberley
gigapan site with out doubt
Left hand side of photo start at bottom move up to a white boulder with
some thing on top move up again to next white boulder look on to flat sand
area a little left you can see him walking
ps lets know please

agubaia says:

Very good question, cause no many uploaders are considering the sizes of
the objects or carvings or artifacts, So far, most of the objects are
small, so, for me, they were very small people or Humanoids. The other
questions, would it be, What the Heck happened with them ? 

Komadin says:

According to the Thiaoouba prophecy (Which i do not believe or disbelieve)
there were at some point in Mars’s history a humanoid race inhabiting mars
that measured about 120- 150 CM in height and were of mongoloid type.
Supposedly they lived in stone structures. According to the book they were
not too technologically advanced but they were very advanced psychically
and spiritually. Some other information on mars from the book if who ever
is reading this is interested is;

“The fauna on Mars was scarce. There was a kind of dwarf goat, some very
large hare-like creatures, several species of rat, and the largest animal
resembled a buffalo but had a head like a tapir. There were also some birds
and three species of snakes, one of which was quite venomous. The flora was
also poor, trees attaining no more than four metres in height. They had
too, an edible grass that you might compare with buckwheat.”

Dendrox says:

From my experience in looking at photos, my guess is that the Martians
ranged from approximately 1-5 feet. The really small ones could very well
just be carvings since they don’t tend to move, but I’d say that the ones
that look like living beings are usually between 3-5 feet. 

nancybrooklyn says:

Nasa is laughing at all of us who attempt to analyze the images from
Curiosity Rover. The truth is that all the rocks are phony, created by
Nasa’s photo shop team. It is so obvious! Look closely at these
rocks…WHY are they creating these phony rocks? Because…hidden behind
is the true image, a scene that is gruesome as photographed by Curiosity.
Mars is inhabited by blood sucking insects. They are predacious flying
insects. They are fierce! I have used my “burn and dodge tools” in
photoshop and have removed the phoney rocks. Every scene shows these
insects attacking white cats. You may think this is unreal, but, its not.
There are cats everywhere! They end up as meal for these insects. There
are also tiny humans, where the Rover has run over them. When you look at
Nasa’s photos, some are a close up of just of a small piece of rover track.
Why would Nasa focus on a tiny portion of Rover track? Because, when you
remove the phony sand, you see the tiny people all squashed, sometimes
along with these insects. There are also large regular sized humans. On
Mars, no one is safe from these insects. Their size ranges from small to
20 feet! That is why Nasa is covering up with phoney sand, rocks,
etc…they will not reveal the truth of what lives in Mars. It’s full of
giant insects! 

ArtAlienTV - MARS ZOO says:

Little & large :)

blue bear says:

Why doesn’t the rover have some kind of measuring device ?

lenny2228 says:

Looks real standing behind that rock carving of a dragon
But it could be looking at another one on the ground? that has its back to
us and is lighter maybe a juvenile you can make out a shadow under Neath ?
Quadrant 7 ? I could be wrong, still lots in this one thanx

amanda fryett says:

looks like he looking towards mast cam and looks like a large collar on is
so called leather jacket

Stan Smith says:

Someone on youtube had a channel dedicated to spreading the word on a
global genocide happening on marz conducted by humans in the name of
exploration. He had pics of the little people attacking the rover then
getting run over. It shows masses being run over and towns. It’s like those
movies only it’s marz and we are the monsters. 

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