Movement on Mars, Insect Life, Mars Anomalies

Sol-922, Alien Life on Mars.


UltimateDawn says:

The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind.

spacecase7717 says:

Nice find! I don’t see how the wind could only be blowing those two
things. One thing that does puzzle me is, how the shadows move that much
in only thirteen minutes?

CRTukker says:

WHat catches my eye is that all those shapes roughly point in the same
direction, which indicates that wind might be a part in this.

shameblamenamegame says:

Excellent work

lenny2228 says:

What if at a guess these little things that are moving around are the
babies of the bigger anomalies
Like the trails that seem to be left by rocks that could be alive as you
come across them all the time 

Benzeno pix says:

I think the vibrations of the rover itself is going to move little grains
across the dust on it.

Raitis Haberkorns says:

Hm wind ….. Nj wind .Not insect 

Martian Archaeology says:
sunwarz says:

Nice find , but it could be a piece of dust this time , un less you can
actually see a video of this zoomed in , you cant really tell! It very well
could be a bug though, I wouldnt really 100 percent rule it out, they have
lied and covvered up so much!

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