UFOs and Anomalies near the Sun – Review of © NASA images: March 19, 2013

Huge Anomaly LASCO C3 6:02 & CUBE 6:14 For full information about the UFO near the Sun, as well as the disclosure of the secrets of the sun, the aliens in th…



strange stuff goin on!!!
One Love!

james palestro says:

Good review bro. I noticed the cube. Gonna blow their minds with the truth.

elbobcat says:

Incredible. Obviously, those entities possess technology far more advanced than ours which means that they could squash us like bugs if they wanted to. But since they haven’t then I assume they won’t.

Two questions: Have you tracked any of the shapes to determine movement patterns? And, do you think the entities/UFOs communicate with each other, i.e.: are they in the same cohort, or could they be independent from one another?

фарид гасанов says:


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