UFOs, anomalies and holograms near the Sun in pictures © NASA – The review for March 21, 2013

The sun disappeared again! The sun disappears the second day in a row! But, the Sun there, we do not see it, but it remains there where was! For full informa…


devimariamne says:

see the video at 3:15 for a very clear face.

devimariamne says:

These anamolies have faces that look like archons.

eyeoftheangel says:

The Sun, which is coming from another dimension, did it disappear or did NASA remove image?

dittedyret says:

Thats anomalies all right !

Marc Heisenberg says:

i can say here in Germany, Solingen in my Town there are many in the Sky.Look the Videos from The last Days on my channel.In the Air here over me are many Triangles Orbs.Then here are most flying Planes with the Red pur Lights.

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