Alien Ship And Pilot Discovered On Fram Crater, Mars In NASA Photo, Oct 26, 2014 UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: October 26, 2014 Location of discovery: Crater Fram, in the Meridian Planum Region of Mars NASA Source: This week I found…


Scott Waring says:

Feel free to use the video or the info in it on your own Youtube Channel.
Lets teach the world together. 

the1grape says:

Of the first three objects you show, the middle one is simply two rocks
that give an impression of a single object. Look closer.

Jeff DeBiase says:

Wrong and wrong I know you would like to try to see things in rocks but
this is exactly what they are, rocks bone joint really guy I don’t know
what meds you’re on but please adjust your dosage there’s nothing but rocks
in this picture just like between your ears quit being a dingbat, no need
to pause this video this guy would like you to believe something that is
not there face with a hat her crown you are a certified nut sir

Mark Fakename says:

I see a retarded person who’s seeing shapes that resemble objects. 

Wing Makers says:

If you stop eating meat and foods with sugar, take oil of oregano and apple
cider vinegar, you most likely will stop loosing your hair. Get some

Amon on the Earth says:

I see the usual stones, crags … But maybe my imagination is not

Rogerse Gardon says:

at 7:29mn in backof the craft it seems a head like reptilian headtwo yes
nose thin lips and neck forehead and back head curved next to the big rock

Chris Gutierrez says:


Филин Юрий says:
Mariuš Eitminovič says:

less drugs

shooterzden says:

Are you serious right now?

Rogerse Gardon says:

at 5:24 the hat seems the front a nemes hat

Rogerse Gardon says:

at video 2:45 mn it’s seems like a “khat” amarnienne hat no ? Egyptian
culture is very proved on Mars

Scott Waring says:
Daniel Villalobos says:

You suck man lol. You really want to believe so bad that you are seen
things that are not there. 

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