Apollo 20 – Alien Spaceship On The Moon and Ebe Mona Lisa


Thad Byrd says:

Why do you all assume it’s fake? If it were real, how would it look
different? I guess you’re all experts on Kodak film stocks and lenses and
the dynamics of filming in outer space, right? Do your research before
trashing this footage. It is not a fake. NASA even bombed the dark side
of the moon shortly after this footage showed up on YouTube. You can
confirm this by checking out their official site. While you’re at it, NASA
even has a photograph on their site that was taken in 1973. If you
digitally zoom in on a certain crater, the spacecraft depicted in this
video is clearly visible. The information to all of this is widely
available on the internet. You should really go see for yourself.

Raisa Valsiries says:

Do Not Fake’ STUPID all american

Raisa Valsiries says:


popotkin says:

Cool fake video

Erick r92 says:

well said

xires Hill says:

The spaceship have holes because os hits along milion of years. If its
fake, its well done

heroindog says:

what a load of bullshit! its someones school project

Ron Edrf says:

why they have her body so close to them…

Skitzofrenicus Rebellius says:

protection so i wont fall off? it just looked VERY cheap ,nothing NASA
would use im sure.

Skitzofrenicus Rebellius says:

Wow did anyone else saw that NASA sign on that big computer thingy taped
with some adhesive tape. LOL they mustve run out of money.

Zar Doz says:

And what do you think they should have used to tape the patches?

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