Breaking News! Giant alien ship – UFO Rods orbiting the Sun – May 11, 2014

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Kelvin Telford says:
Debra Smith says:

Sorry to be late with birthday wishes. Hope you had a wonderful day.thank
you for the video.

Der Matrixblogger says:

And where’s the giant ship? :)

teezy1717 says:

Seen this before ..Its definitely an alien TurdStick ..Ok ? And a alien
TurdStick Planet . 😉 That is all .

Lali Khol says:
infamousfanclub says:

Awesome post! Hope you’re doing well.

jancil lee says:

part of God’s doing

Luke Nichols says:

Looks like plasma to me. The lightning of the LORD. Didn’t look like a

Jarek Dalak says:
Damian Perez says:
Павел Браун says:

Всем очевидно что это “Боги” летают на огромных космических кораблях возле
Солнца! Отличное видео! Спасибо!

myunhauzen74 says:
Lichtkirsche says:
infamousfanclub says:

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