Lets Play: UFO: Alien Invasion – 3: Crashed Scout Ship…

My eighth LP ever! UFO: Alien Invasion for Windows DEBUG Non-Stable Release 2.3-dev IA-32. Part 3: Crashed Scout Ship… So this is it, the LP to replace my first LP and first finshed LP…


Mortem Rex says:

game looks really long and boring

D3stroyer4 says:

i wasn’t played that game but 8 options how to shot? don’t know, this is
joke or seriusly? xD

MsWarfare123 says:

wait all missions have the same map?

Samoutuomas says:

I’m currently re-downloading this game for my PC… When I had it last year
I just couldn’t figure out how to engage the enemies. I read the
instructions and had built a nice base for like 30 minutes. It was so
frustrating… This game just feels so fantastic and well made, I really
want to get into it. How do you attack?

serafild says:

i think you forget the grenade laucher have an area of effect (the

Max Mustermann says:

@TheSnapey22 sometime it is a little too long but most of the time it’s
fun, also you have to see it’s fanmade, free to play and open source

fingusa says:

wow nice music at 5:12 , anybody know’s the name ?

mayorc says:

@quickshot14 There is no fog of visuals, why they didn’t create that, map
is already visible from the beginning and in night missions this is
unbalancing. Original xcom series had that cause it is a must.

mazdaplz says:

the editor is actually quake 2 editor

quickshot14 says:

@MsWarfare123 No they don’t, there are multiple maps are there is an acutal
editor for the community to make there own/more.

ChinookUT says:

I don’t know if you ever noticed this, but you know about the numbers at
the top that correspond to your different soldiers? The number immediately
to the right of those is the number of aliens your team spots. In the
stable 2.1 version, if you click on that, you can cycle through those
spotted aliens.

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