Prometheus Space Jockey and ship scene Character Species

Prometheus Space Jockey engineer space and space ship scene.Saundtreks:Going In+Space Jockey


MсKommandor says:

music-Marc Streitenfeld-“Space Jockey”

John Tyrrell Jr says:

What kind of music is this? Ambient?

Matt Anderson says:

Sumati uta kryta 

MсKommandor says:

Antworten auf das weiß nur der Autor selbst Прометея.Нам bleibt nur die
Fortsetzung warten und sich Fragen, wie er all dies tut.

fuska213 says:

noo! this shows that this was the first before the aliens from 1979 movie
how the humans were the one’s that made that alien from the movie alien get

ImmaDeacon says:

uhhh… not stole it’s set in the Universe. By the Original Director with
the Original Designer it’s intentional. duhh

MсKommandor says:

Windows Live Movie Maker))

Patrick Bateman says:

This is a very odd video – how did you get the footage?

Alfredo Lopez says:

ridley scott said that maybe not the same contiuty but the same universe,
the engeeniers ship appears both in the movies, but not the deacon
creature, i think that in the secondm ovie they ll explain how the aliens
evolved, from deacon, and why did a chip containning those eggs ended in lv
426, and not the planet where the movie takes place, by the way i liked the
way you ended your coment freakin hilarious 🙂

MсKommandor says:

Could you explain what mean?Actually I recorder nothing.I mean the record
was made in the cinema by someone.As to me I cut it to separate pieces,put
them together in my way,slowed some footoge down and added few special
effects.And some magic))

wajietaus says:

Prometheus stole ship idea from where !? Well from a legendary Alien(1979)
movie dont believe ? check movie Alien at 23:54

Frank Rivera Kroll says:

BattDrix Lestrange says:

The beginning of a bonus blu-ray you can see a scene unique cutting room
floor, inside the ship engineer and when the corpse renvercer vaisson falls
and the video just before the engineer is coming out of his armor went
looking for Elizabeth Shaw.

Emilio Hidalgo says:

0:27 Engineer: “Blehodinsleep..”

Patrick Bateman says:

No, no, how did you record it?

Arijeta Moresa says:

Jesus ist der Space Jocke gewesen? wer kommt nur auf solche gedanken?……

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