SE Alien Squadron | Ship Collection – Ep 2

Welcome To The Dream Assembly, Where We Play Games, Create Artwork, Vlog, Build And Overall Have A Good Time! Today We See How The Alien Squadron Fuel There Urges To Destroy The DDC!


epiccraft148 says:

halo has obviously influenced the space engineers community, as every alien
ship i see is purple.

Dream Assembly! says:

New Short Film Type Video!! ENJOY!!

Lee Wilson says:

3rd :)

m4ti140 says:

This purple theme reminds me of Kha’ak from X franchise

Cameron Fitton says:

sexy I like it

Draco Twierdza says:

Nice job m8

AwesomeThingsILike says:

I wanna see a survival series of the aliens versus you and some others..

austin smith says:

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