The Making Of The Eggs, Newborn, Aliens, And Clones Alien Resurrection Part 1

The Making Of The Eggs, Newborn, Aliens, And Clones Alien Resurrection Part 1

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lurkerrekrul says:

Why are aliens in movies always covered in slime? I can’t think of any non-aquatic Earth animals that are completely drenched in slime, so why do we almost never see ‘dry’ alien creatures?

Ian H says:

Im sorry but i hate the rigged alien of Aliens love the film hate the creature, i prefer the dome look.

killerKucumber says:

The only thing that went Wrong was talent and professionals and Money it’s all shit these days we need proper Movies not remakes and horrible affects and lame acting

tecat98 says:

I saw the movie …freaked me the fudge out

10SoupsDaily says:

3:42 Badass design

daly703 says:

Bring this back 2013

AlienLizard0316 says:


crunchshark87 says:

that could kill someone. I def would not attempt that ever. Cause like me I sleep with a gun by my side, and I would no hesitate to blow its head off

Mess7739 says:

lol thats a good way to give someone a heart attack.

se7endram says:


Alex Boychev says:

Man if I had an alien costume I would always wear it.

Saul Aaron says:

I fucking agree. The classic was the best.

Christian Sheron says:


Jessica Hultzen says:


MrNotadream says:

“We wanted it to look more vicious” … Make the other aliens wear boy-ties?

SuperGyabo says:

Before Crappy Green screen (Ahem CGI)! We have this

stegatops1 says:

Your punishment will be changing their sheets for them!
(hope you have trizyme in the cupboard.)

Nicolas Prochelo says:

2:02 if i saw dat in my pool i would say justin
biber get out of my pool

DmanX555 says:

Trust me not a good idea…

tatulover01 says:

hi “mommy” you are no longer needed *smacks jaw off*

6Bene says:

Alien toys were made even back 79.. so not sure about that.
When two people doing same thing it cant be same result.
Dont need to go deeper than that .


To make toys? It’s a marketing strategy, like what they did with Batman in the movies before the Nolan trilogy

MrIwantmymtv says:

would you all kindly stop calling them xenomorphs… it’s quite unsettling, that’s the name cameron gave to them, just a technicism to say (motherfucking) “alien”… that’s the name… giving them a name makes it quite “startrekkish”…

MrIwantmymtv says:

if you seek closely over the internet you would find out that giger’s original papers for alien3 were scrapped by fincher who decided to use some of the ideas by giger along with his, if you have a look at the concept art of alien 3 you would see a totally different giger’s alien from what it ended up being

MrIwantmymtv says:

good but it lacked that sexualbio-mechanicaltwisted vision that made me poop my pants with the fist alien by giger

MrIwantmymtv says:

if the plot was better i would have liked it… c’mon, space pirates? catholic androids? she same old boring stuff from whedon… we’re lucky enough he didn’t spoiled astonishing x-men… this movie was as scary as a mint skittle candy…

MrIwantmymtv says:


MrIwantmymtv says:

quote 😉

MrIwantmymtv says:

the final result is abe simpson without eyeballs

MrIwantmymtv says:

It’s the same question I’ve been tried to answer to since I saw alien (the first one)

italy747 says:

H.R. Giger is the actual genius and the most twisted, dark, and demented artist I have ever come across. Why did they modify the alien into something that looks like a toy.

EdgelessCube88 says:

Tails are better than butts

WolfiyDW0770 says:

Oh, and the concept for the new born looks MILES better then the end result.

WolfiyDW0770 says:

The old Xeno designs, form Alien and Aliens, was far better. Honning it and making it better? No, making it worse.

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