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Hey guys – Due to the fact that SUBSCRIPTION FEED ALGORITHM sucks ass ,,,,
and less then 10% of our subscribers are watching our new videos – Instead
of uploading one NEW video every two weeks,,,, we will now be uploading a
CLASSIC video every other Sunday in between , We hope by going back to a
weekly uploads this will help us reach the 112, 000 subscribers that
basically disappeared off the face of Youtube last year . Thanks for your
understanding and support .

magnified111 says:

Oh my, just what I needed today (and every day). You still got it Butchy,
and I truly love the stuff on your other channel with your boy. My kids
are teens now, but those young years are irreplaceable. I am completely
befuddled at the lack of views of your new stuff by subscribers. I mean, I
am an extremely busy tradesperson, but even if it takes a few days after
your upload I am obligated to see everything you put out. You and several
others are the perfect antithesis to endless gaming crap, boring animal
nonsense, and “Top 10” this and “Best fails” that….I WANT MY 3-HOUR
BUTCHY KID DVD, OR EVEN A BOX SET! (of course with Bigfoot flippin us off
on the cover)
You rule my friend, and if the support fades, I totally understand you
backing away and focusing on what matters. But right now….from my family
to yours, WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

coldrunoutdoors says:

Damn, and here I been worried about the NWO takin over. Got to watch my ass
the next time I’m out in the bush. Them creatures are takin over,LOL. Yep
Butchy Kid I ain’t leavin Luv Your Sh*t

Niels L. says:

This brought a smile to my face ^^

ben Summers says:

Omg Your defiantly on my top 5 best youtube channels right now. Great
videos,great stuff. Never gets old.

AmericanPatriot0895 says:

Can’t help but laughXD

ryiin says:

Best paranormal investigators on you tube. Lol

Banned Angel says:

That was one cute ass chupacabra! :3

REDMDwolf Acevedo says:

Bigfoot is hunting big game.The rat was probably Speedy Gonzales cousin on
meth and crack.

Pokepizza24playsMC says:

I swear your one of the funniest guys on YouTube. You should do a FNAF

Twix Bear says:

I remember watching your videos back in 2008-2010, they were amazing. You
never fail to amaze me!

Oxenan17 says:

It’ sad that people don’t see this stuff, this is what youtube used to be
about: sharing a laugh with people and make dumbass videos and update
people about some cool stuff you got goin’ on, nowadays it’s more like
record yourself playing a stupid ass game and scream all the time and call
your viewers “bros”… Lol all the true fun and the idea of the whole YT
concept is gone basically and changed into “watch me play games and get
paid for making videos about it” type of thing.


Laura de la cruz says:

Dang youtube sucks now it’s not like it used to be its sad your old videos
were the best one I was here when it was 2009 and I just came back and
everything is a disaster youtube is a disaster now but your still here I
still remember when you had the Russian alien and the Bigfoot shooting his
pee out of a bucket good times

Raging Walrus Filmz says:

Haha I remember all of these and they make me laugh as much as they did the
first time I watched them! XD Awesome video, man! Thumbs up!

jonathan palma says:

ANOTHER successful video 😀 been watching your videos since 2008, and i
hope you can keep them up
Sincerly- holy shit its a bigfoot fanatic

Titan Noble says:

That Mexican accent you made was perfect!!!!

MrMonkey2208 says:

You guys need to keep up the good work you are always making such good

jason johnstone says:

This is got to be the funniest thing I have ever seen

jtmax24 says:

I have been watching for about two years now. So funny thanks for the

elite1980s says:

Butchy died in all of those, but keeps coming back? Must have more lives
than cats. Is a mystery in itself?? LOL

Jim Morrison says:

If you put some kind of video game in the title the little shits will come
running to see

creepercraft213 says:

Holy shit I got nightmares 4 days man I got so spooked I peed my self but
I’m just kidin I watch dis at nitgh wid tha lihgt of Cooke I’m MLG pro 

S͜͟͠ʟ͘ᴇ͟͠ɴ̧͜͞ᴅᴇ̶̵ʀ̷́ Ⓧ͆̅̚ says:


joão pedro marx says:

Poor Jack Black

LarryGravesTV says:

Amazing footage!!!

Noah Behlmaier says:

Hey butchy is that odis or ziggy

Sean Carrigan says:

Ive been watching your vids for a long time and im sad you wont be
uploading as much but I love the vids and hope you continue to make more
now I want to go find bigfoot

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