Real Alien Caught on Tape 2012 II

Facial movement, no seams (it appears) where there would be someone getting into a costume. I think this is real. There’s a guy on the internet, who first st…


terr547 says:

It definitely could.  Very hard to tell.

Le5hitbag says:

i see what you’re saying.. but it’s when the head drops slightly that the eyebrow looks a bit crinkled, could be lighting angle change.

terr547 says:

Look at the eyebrow. The muscles contract. This one takes serious analysis, and there is no way to verify whether it’s real or not, but I am believing it.

Le5hitbag says:

thanks for sharing.. seen this one somewhere before. I do believe 100% that aliens are here and have been here for quite some time. But I can’t say that I’m buying this vid as real.

Gerry says:

Real or not it is disturbing that many people think that this is how aliens would be treated when they appear on our planet. How would we feel if we were subjected to this kind of scrutiny when we land on an alien planet. Aliens should be treated with respect unless they prove to be aggressive and a threat to life on Earth. (not forgetting that humans are already the biggest threat to life on Earth today)

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