Strange Creature Caught on Tape in Hospital. Aliens Caught on Tape? Scary.

Weird. What is it? Alien? Gnome? Ghost? Scary. It’s the front right wheel turning. You can see it go past on the far side of the left wheels.


trentigalaxy says:

a haunted wheelchair??? 

Toni Rose Collantes says:

that’s a wheelchair!!

Kmedrang Mad says:

Aliens? You mean Mexicans? 

Toni Rose Collantes says:

that’s a wheelchair!!

Minty Bee says:

yes i also agree that wheelchairs are ‘out of this world’

Darrell Pasion says:


Dana Dipa says:

Snore..Zzzzz! I can hear old man Jones, “Come back here you dagnabbit
rolling chair”! Ha!

sergio daniel ramirez de la rosa says:

Filmed with a potato… nice

Jonica&John YaoiBrothers X3 says:


susanne gauthier says:



ran lizotte says:

hahaha. awesome

MythenAkte says:

caught on tape – look at your PN’s pls =)

minecraftermad says:

Rc wheel chair… i want that

Caught on Tape says:
Louis On The Xbox says:

Like it

Toto Phandhamaly says:

Ghostride tha whip,LOL!

supper noodles mc says:

Ever herd a some thing called gravity

Louis On The Xbox says:


thomas hogan says:

A wheel chair

eden farrar says:


Jorge Ruiz says:

That’s not scary

Dk Singh says:


Nefertiti F. says:


Katnip Phillips says:

Lol wtf ever

Prs s says:

Sorry.. a wheelchair being pulled by string is not paranormal :P

several29ify says:

Love ur videos, thanks! I see the wheelchair moving but i dont see the

Sunny Deyz says:

Someone probably attached a string to the wheel and began tugging on it
from behind that wall over there. 

David Leopold says:

Okay.. This wasn’t scary. But… The chainsaw I hear outside is. Wtf

Darude Sandstorm says:

This is probably a movie as u can see he was recording it with he’s crappy
camera didn’t u guys see the mouse 

Michelle Hannon says:

Definite proof!!

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