UFO Caught On Tape Over Santiago Air Base

Is this the case UFO skeptics have been dreading? Sightings of mysterious flying craft with capabilities unknown on Earth have confounded mankind throughout …


spamtelevision says:


jevyn rennie says:

Real or fake I don’t know 

HD Planespotting YPPH says:

What the hell

matthew boylan says:

Just flys for god sake

BaltarstarGalactica says:

My science teacher was showing us some old program on plate tectonics on
one of those old-timey film projectors, and there were UFOs EVERYWHERE!!
How weren’t they spotted sooner? We need to seriously put you on the case
for this kind of stuff!

DonVibez241 says:

Who believes there are alien in this universe. I do Why do people find it
so hard to believe things, i’m not saying i completely believe but there
can be chances of these videos being real.

resedoton says:

There IS evidence we have been visited (see my channel). It’s just that
this evidence doesn’t constitute conclusive proof.

MaserotRed says:

It’s a plane ffs at an air base

Olivia May says:

Ok, the thing you have highlighted looks dodgy but the pack of them are

namchul1963 says:

전투기는 속도는 껌이다 ㅋ

theretarder says:

So why chop the video up like that? why not slow it down cause? its fake.

soldgerboy999 says:

That’s a bird or fly awesome

peruda hudson says:

very good.

HorribleSonofa says:

I wish that they’d swoop down in a country lane late at night when I’m

Alonso Almeida says:

Before roswell everybody thought ufo’s were crazy looking after roswell
somehow the perspective changed to flying suacers and tall grey aliens how
did this idea come out of nowhere and stick with everybody now we see more
and more flying saucers hmm

NathansVideoGames says:

@irishmonkeyy haha derp da derp yea that funny

tomzurka says:

They could be more planes in the distance flys helicopters dont be dense
its not a ufo

Murcury159 says:

It’s fake, no question…

Leon Elliott says:

Whoops. Emile Heskey took another penalty.

SoNitUziFTW says:

“Look i filmed a fly with my brick!”

havoc bringer says:


James Lappin says:

WTF. So fucking fake! Its a bloody plane, helicopter or fly

IrishMonkeyy says:

I like how their are flying things over a god damn AIR BASE

Funny and Tech says:

Its fake or an aeroplane hit like if u agree

koln7822 says:

SomeFuckingGuy ㅋㅋ Always. Fake hmm. That’s Real

k2sharmin says:

Hhi MAaAawssaa&

Wasdgf Adasdg says:

Ah yes. The mysterious and elusive fly

aiwa741 says:

Breaking News—–> U.S. Intelligence Officers (Highly Trained) claim: That
it’s part of the downed “Weather Ballon” from Roswell, New Mexico
incident… Highly Trained & High Ranking U.S. Military Officers also
argree, and added…there is nothing to worry about folks…we have it all
under control! So, please go back to watching your T.V. sets!

Henry Anderson says:

Its a stone being thrown

DoctorPigGuts says:

I could make a ufo vid cuz that was just fucking fake thanks to editing :/

Ghostrider guitars says:

its birds

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