UFO’s caught on camera over the White House

Did JFK meet his downfall because of his inquiries into the UFO phenomena? Did Siberan hoaxers have a Philly cheese steak after creating an “alien” out of br…


Larry Poke says:

I can’t believe that this show, “The Paranormal Report” has some compelling
video and audio and some of those commenting here are more interested in
the “handi holder!” Talk about missing the point.

jasonjrf says:

Dan Akroyd interview was super good I’v watched it a while ago seen it
twice anyone who hasn’t seen it go watch very good.

jasonjrf says:

Or maybe they ate some mushrooms and were bored, and just drew some art.

Celeste Kittie says:

Do you guys think the handi holder will fit on a child’s leap pad?

Fred Bloggs says:

the mob killed jfk? is this from the book by the ex government
employee…oh so it must be true then!

Juan Perez says:

Great episode…

kiararei says:

f.y.i easter is determined by the moon cycle not by a specific date

Ser Flash says:

EVP is a real thing, hard as it might be to believe. I would love to do
some EVP work myself, especially after the intense paranormal events of my
childhood, but I’ve never found the time or resources…

inkboy12345 says:

OMG< the same channel subcribed to me

Arran Seel says:

*GAAAAASP* is that a bunny!?

Rainbow Flash says:


OandresQ says:

@XXXXNanoXXXxxx where can i find that!?

tskcthulhu says:

ghost stories are BS

DavidDoesGaming says:

scared the fk out of me D:

Michael Chavez says:

best show on you tube!!!

kiararei says:

they deserve an oscar for best special effects lol

523cookiemonster says:


ytchip21 says:

i watched the dan akroyd interview! Also the aliens must be dumbasses if
they put back the cows after they take the organs, why not just keep the
cow or drop it in the ocean?

OandresQ says:

@XXXXNanoXXXxxx thats crazy! thanks a lot man i appreciate it!

johnr7717 says:

I saw that Dan akroyd movie on netflix and its epic…

bloco581 says:

i got my friends to watch this show now they love it

TheDoctorwhonut123 says:

wow that s amazing

Jesus Garcia says:

you guys should do this live

museluvr says:


vrbi wormz says:


15niall says:

I think the date of the Last Supper is another attempt by science to
destroy the credibility of Christianity. The whole of the Bible can be
interepreted as a history textbook, for want of a better phrase, when read
with pesharim in mind. The Biblical stories as they are are fantastical and
correspondingly bullshit; read in the form they are meant to be (RE:
pesharim), they all make perfect sense, both chronologically and

PanjshirGuerrilla says:

the cow thing is a psyop remember that vietnam psyop where they played
haunting voices from a helicopter to scare the shit out of the simple
people in the jungles of vietnam now imagine if they can play on fokelaw
and myth and trick these people what could they do using these tactics with
their own people at home to simple farmers and countryfolk could they fly
around in stealth helicopter winch up ure animals mutilate them with trow
them back and have u belive it was ets ?its

mymiddleleg1 says:

this is my favorite show

ytchip21 says:

@TheArcaneSanctum they could put them in a confined room so the smell
wouldn’t go through the whole ship, if they could master space travel they
could probably make a room to hold corpses

chacoy godoy says:

no se como puede durar esto 42 min. :s ! ! !

snoo puza says:

This body has been found in Siberia (Russia), not in Serbia!

Jose Paz says:

u guys keep forgeting to put the cool starting song right after the sponser
take, so it can look more like a tv show 🙂 but anywho keep it up always
anctious for the next vid!

Vanky20000 says:

woop woop utube fans 😀

OandresQ says:

First time watching the show, it was pretty good!

snoo puza says:

Ovo tijelo je pronađeno u SIBIRU (Rusija) Ne u Srbiji!

David Scribner says:

Good show fellers…I am loving these government docs coming out. I have
come to the conclusion that photographic evidence in today’s world means
nothing. So many people faking these things have distorted everyone’s
perspective on any videos or photos that are presented in Youtube or
whatever. So maybe with more and more of credible government missives will
bring more validity to UFOs.

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