Wendy’s Drive Thru Alien Creature Caught On Tape!

They are everywhere….I can’t believe I ran into a pair of Aliens at Wendy’s Fast Food Joint. The failure so far of the SETI program to detect an intelligent radio signal after decades of…


1BlazinEagle1 says:

not just one but two

Who Who and Zulu. says:

Haha… I haven’t seen a drive thru in years …I can’t believe I use to
live like that ! !

ElektraKnight says:

Out of this world. Good one. ;-)

Jugs X says:

ROFL you’re SILLY!! Keep your GuNZ close!! They’re taking over!! 

Cob Long says:

lol bro you made TWO “out of this world” alien puns.
One was already too many
Also, I’m glad that the drive-thru lady didn’t noticed you exclaiming to
yourself in your car. 

Katest3r says:

Maybe that’s why we dont have wendys here yet lol

CosmicTruthNetwork says:

I knew it! I knew it!! Wendy`s food is really people!!

Bawden Vlogs says:

I was expecting the alien to have red hair.

-Kaylene (bawden family vlogs)

TheSWMTeam says:

this is why i never eat fast food often

GoingAgainstTheGrain says:

Nice work dude!!!! It’s as real as the rest of the videos on you tube 

toxic mushroom says:

all of you are stuipid its fake why do you think its real for crying out
loud those two aliens walk stuipid

Steve Riker says:
couchpotatotheatre says:
TheEmeraldOre says:

#special effects lol

Mariska DeOrnellas says:

Aliens so Animated

XrotarebiL says:

OMG. Incredible footage.

rueben herrera says:

That was fake

Meowth Persian says:

I think its fake. -_- no offense.

Isabella Milillo says:

Wow so fake

XtyB Rusher says:


Big Gazza says:

At $2.78 for 2 wraps, I’m not surprised they eat there. Those prices are
crazy compared to our overpriced stuff

Cole Speirs says:

Lol ur a fat inbred lmfao 

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