20 Aug John Walls Terry Kealy UFO War Over Earth, Aliens And Macroorganisms 2012 1 of 3


anvilofcrom says:

Anything but The Big Issue…anything!

ccolley3 says:

for about a minute into the video i thought john had a pony loll

spacecase8888 says:

@ romeome77…..SOMETIMES. Because something happens sometimes, doesn’t
mean that is so in every case.

333kingdom says:

Argh cliffhanger … you had to get into your car quickly because … what
? ? greys ? the psychopath had a chainsaw ? someone wanted to sell you The
Big Issue ?

princetruthchaser says:

great upload bro.

romeome77 says:

Government abducts people and run experiments on them… and people confuse
it with being abducted by aliens, from what I hear. Never know what to
believe. I won’t completely dismiss this, though.

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