Alien Races – Over 82 Species On Earth! [Final Part]

Secret Extraterrestrial Contacts – They Are Watching Us: Details about the following alien species who live or lived on Earth: Kurs,.


danielav9 says:

it is all so confusing and complicated
it appears that those humanoid blondes are dominant in this planet. come they are connected with the mayas and greeks?
i heard from an andromedan ,that…..the greeks or the entire mediteranean
ppl were called the KLUGS.
if anything those nordics may as well be the pleadians who were responsible
to teach those native ppl such as the early hindu ppl and the rest of the
native ppl through out earth..they came here as teachers and
masters.ascended masters..they are not related to mayas…..or native
amerindian ppl or egyptian by ancestry whatsoever.
they were teachers of early agriculture astronomy maths the 0 binnary
and,religions or dogmatic subject,hence the reason for been taken as GODS
with spacecrafts,from the sky.
more over the pleadis is close to the maya system of planets their base
was in SIRIUS,.where the federation of galaxy originated.thus why they
were like the equivalent of the earth UN,all the UNITED RACES of aliens.
thus why they came in all shapes colors and sizes.or…………races.they
are not related in ancestry if they happen to be nordic..cos it does not
make any is a misleading subject and somewhat confused one as
in sum.we all came to the earth from different galaxies!!
we are not all pretty much the same although we are all humanoids our level
of consciousness varies from one….to another hence our different level
and pace of knowledge.because we are not completely alike.


Its no coincidence that God told satan he’d have to crawl on his belly from
that point on, consuming dust of the Earth. This implies that this creature
at one point had arms and legs. There may be many different hybridized
species, just read the books of Jasher and Enoch to see why, but they
aren’t intergalactic but interdimensional and terrestrial. They’ve been
here for a long time, awaiting further direction by their master, Lucifer.
They are products of the fallen angels. The Biblical worldview is the only
one that makes sense of everything from UFO’s to the forming NWO, from
Neanderthal to Bigfoot. Neanderthal is really old post flood humans who
still lived a very long time yet due to direct sun and UV rays, they’ve
aged much sooner. The Bible speaks of a soon to come great deception where
false prophets and messiahs will perform wondrous false miracles, even
calling fire down out of the sky. Jesus isnt religion but what man has
certainly done with His Word sure is. 

MasterAsra says:

Why would constellations matter to aliens, since they wouldn’t line up or
be anywhere next to each other from any other planet?

Steelion69 says:

The “Zeta” (Not the Greys) were actually the descendents of the Igigi (They
Were Grey Mercenaries working for the Anunnaki) After Time, a select few
were genetically modified. Their main base of operations is called “Their
Home Planet” in the video. The Zeta are technically listed under the A-Z
Sentient Alien Species Guide, as a sub-species of the Solipsi Rai, working
under the Anunnaki, whilst having a Solipsian and Anunnaki “Citizenship”

lookatwhatic says:

, I thought there would be more, I guess if I’m going to get interested
further, I need to watch them all again, if that pretty much covers them
all, I will need to replay all three, just to get familiar, although I
could pretty much since the positive from the negative, it wouldn’t hurt to
be familiar with them all, one of 82 species, that’s not saying much. To
say that I have been familiar, but again, practice makes perfect in all
sorts of ways, whether it be this dimension or another, interesting
interesting indeed, thank you, Mike

Ben Garfield says:

Gee wiz just read it. The auto-tune computer guy voice is really annoying. 

Grathom15 says:

20:54 bubba-ray prepares to be probed.

debba stevens says:

i was wondering when the negumak would be mentioned any one who has info
one these dont be shy….. saw one of those shps as a kid being intrested
ever since

FringeBingeTV says:

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never heard of Nosyv-7, or Tisar-3.

PerceptiveThought says:

Alien Races – Over 82 Species On Earth! [Final Part]:

James Hadley says:

What book? Is there anything I can look up to check these?

Darragh O Sullivan says:

what are the soundtracks please?

Khalil Chaib says:

intresting aliens database!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What They Don't Want You To Know says:

#AlienSpecies #AlienRaces #Annunaki #Lemurians #AlienSpeciesOnEarth

wendy ward says:

How did u find out about this!?!

tonedefhimfan says:

Yo I’m the first one to comment other than the poster. I finally won baby

dellcoc says:

Nomos or Dogons?

Old World Order 999 says:

What a pile of crap!

wendy ward says:

The bible says it all!!

tonedefhimfan says:

The obama excerpt sends mixed signal

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