BE AFRAID VERY AFRAID While You sleep the Aliens come to visit earth

BE AFRAID VERY AFRAID While You sleep the Aliens come to visit earth Subscribe for latest info and video documentaries etc as they arrive.. .


Pete WDHCo says:

BE AFRAID VERY AFRAID While You sleep the Aliens come to visit earth

Al Salah says:

Fast little bastards rant they

Lisa Lisa says:

If you have Jesus on your side, you don’t have to be afraid.

Alex Rodriguez says:

Put more sinister music.

fetor41 says:

when the hell did i subscribe to this channel?

Ailfinn says:

Fast little suckers aren’t they!!

wwagner10 says:

another great vid..thank you. But you might consider letting the fear
thing go…this is the challenge of our times: to see WHATEVER comes at you
as positive and to keep our minds firmly fixed on the idea of the Light
retuning to planet earth. There is no way to prepare, absolutely no way –
except mentally. As a Great Teacher once said: “To be in the Kingdom is
merely to focus your full attention upon it”. Namaste mucho

2bdenano says:

That Bird wit a scarf on!!!!! Lol

Steve Zhang says:

Awesome。I’m gonna go alien hunting

Inge Tokje says:

The music is bad….very bad.

Heidi Thompson says:

I’m not afraid of them their not the problem

transmissionjimmy69 says:

Aliens are like snakes….slimy & creepy, but they’re more afraid of us
than we are of them.

Dana Byrd says:

Some pretty cool stuff I have to admit, just a quick question , what the
hell is up with the Big Dipper I mean it changes positions almost every
night, just a thought.

Margo Singery says:

My FAVORITE Zep song EVER!!! 

transmissionjimmy69 says:

That’s why they’re gonna zap us…. 

Renee Souder says:

Yeahhhh….watchin a cool UFO video and listening to Led……must be a
beautiful dream.

Tenzin sky says:

If Jesus can do any thing, you wouldn’t be here on Earth working like
slaves for Corporations. So shove the insecure mentality of waiting for
help & instead take responsibility of owning up & cleaning your own shiit.


I saw one of them lil throbbing balloons last night. It shot off up and
away got brighter and smaller then disappeared into the stars. Didn’t get
the camera it was too close and was afraid to startle it. I said ” I saw
you and you saw me” it did a slow loop then poof it was going going gone.

Richard Smith says:

4:30sec into vid; where was that building? i had a dream of this place,
very strange one.

Kelvin Telford says:


keith adams says:

Hey, mate check out crow777 youtube, latest hologram of the moon, what’s
your thought on this?? Also ithink he needs a leg up on this matter, I cañ
only recomend yourself, he is one of the good guys,, nw of england no sun
since christmas, I need my vitamin D,

LogoExpertsUK says:

Vídeo feito e publicado 22/02/2014 . bem interessante.

Patricia Killeen says:
Terry Chester says:

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