Civilization: Beyond Earth Co-op LP – MadDjinn and DocM77 take on the aliens 1

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth – Coop with DocM77. (see more for details) DocM77’s Channel – buy it here: …


FloodianSquirrelDude says:

Maddjinn and DocM77?! Confused, surprised and super happy.

alphashard says:

Awesome to see Docm77 and MadDjinn play! 

Dhalgrim says:

nice to see a fellow german doing english content and not being lazy like
most of our citizens and refuse to learn and speak english =)

Ryan Bissonnette says:

This video is so informative. Thanks for this.

SBFMadDjinn says:

Hanging out with @docm77 in #BeyondEarth

Redpandaflying says:

Sweet, didn’t know you knew DocM

fuzzyfractal42 says:

First? So excited for this!

Blood Angel says:

How come Doc cannot find a single alien nest, even though he picked the
“show alien nests” ship upgrade? :p

Digger John says:

Awesome! My favourite Strategy YTer and Mindcrack!

AlekSensej says:

All hail the golden balls.

nocolourtv says:

sounds awesome. i luv German YouTubers, they are always cheerful and, well
in general, good presenters XD

im trying to set up 4-person multi-player games. no luck yet. friend/
message on steam, and we’ll see.

Chris Wilson says:

how do you get that mini diplomacy box open

DocSardo says:

Gemini difficulty?

chris 날도마뱀 says:

he sounds a bit like merkel :)

MaxWR - Gaming Content says:

I have a good feeling about this series.

PayingRefunds says:

Ah, the old Ragasu.

Tyler Martinez says:

great videos

7Bungie says:

Woah woah woah, woah.

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