Did Aliens Give Birth To Planet Earth

Alex Jones discusses panspermia and what the elites believe about the origins of humanity. http://www.infowars.com/ex-us-general-defends-his-sanctions-dont-work-start-killing-russians-comment/…


Cuthbert Pendergast says:

Hey Alex, how comes your bible says the earth is 6000 years old but you say
survival shield is “Derived from 200 million year old salt solutions found
more than 7,000 feet below the Earth’s surface”?


simhopp says:

Aliens did NOT create the planet earth.
However, aliens did intervene in the evolution of Homo sapience and

Jesus Chirst was Human Alien Hybrid.
Mary mother of Jesus, was abducted by Aliens, and impregnated with hybrid
And Angels that Mary claimed she saw, were the tall white aliens.
and Magi’s that visited Jesus’s birth were tall white aliens.
and star of Bethlehem ?
UFO mother ship of course!

what about miracles performed by Jesus?
Alien technology.

how about Resurrection? you have to ask?

and Jesus was beamed up to the UFO craft after he appeared to the apostles
after his resurrection.

FuriousGeorge45 says:

A photon can travel around the earth’s equator nearly SEVEN TIMES IN ONE
SECOND. Now imagine the length of one light year. The probability of
intelligent life existing somewhere in the universe is good. The chances
that they traveled here using classical physics… is astronomically low.
So you would have to claim not only that they exist, but also that they
possess faster-than-light travel tech. 

Mr. Just trying to succeed in life. says:

There is alot about human history that we will never know. It only takes
about 200 years for a city like New York to completely erode from the face
of the earth & reclaimed back to nature. Our towers of steel will rust away
& our concrete castles will crumble back to dust. It’s completely possible
that a apocalyptic event happened thousands of years ago & wiped out all
proof of civilized human society. I think humans have always been smart.
The Egyptians built the Pyramids 4,000 years ago & we can’t even build them
today with all our heavy machines. So who or what build them?

Tommy Thomas says:

There’s no such thing as Aliens they are inter dimensional demons that pose
as Aliens. Thats a fact but ppl are so gullible to believe that aliens are
real. They are not we are the Aliens to earth but there are Demons that
pose as Aliens. 

Jay Rod says:

Thank God 4 Jesus. Amen Jones.

Vladdy P. says:

It certainly is conceivable that an alien species may have “contaminated”
an asteroid, comet, or some other co-opted space projectile with organisms,
then sent it in the direction of earth because it’s hospitable for life.
We’re already beginning to understand which planets in our galaxy and
beyond can support life, so I don’t see why we humans couldn’t contaminate
objects with life and hurl them towards planets. This is a plausible
explanation for the origin of life on earth.

TheBaseballbat11 says:

With these aliens it only leads to problems. With aliens it gets you
because people think that it must be science. Believing this whole alien
thing is like a gateway to a whole bunch of other problems just like
marijuana being a gateway drug. A person goes from aliens to atlantis to
magic to a bunch of satanic deceitful lies that will only get you into
trouble and take you away from things in the bible. Aliens is far from the
truth. These aliens are not even extraterrestrial they are inter
dimensional and not even physical. With the new age claims of there being
life on arcturus or the pleiades it is ridiculous because that is a star so
it would be inter dimensional not extraterestrial. Do not believe these
lies. The bible says everything already the sons of man the nephilm the
fallen angles satan is real and if you knew how real he was you would get
far away from these kinds of things. This is bad real bad! People please
learn to discern do not be a fool. There is no evolution theory God seeded
man on this earth. Glory to God Glory to Jesus.

RealityHijacked says:

It’s pretty interesting to see Alex thanking “Jesus” every 5 minutes
now-a-days when *he knows* that “Jesus” is nothing more than an
anthropomorphized representation of the *Sun*.

Religious brainwashing is *the* hardest form of mental control to break
free of.

plexx365 says:

How can you not love this guy?? Alex, everything that comes out of your
mouth is nothing but the truth! I personally have experienced things that
will blow your mind so I too know that everything that the Bible speaks of
is the only truth that matters.

Alex, may God bless you, your family and your employees.

laserus3333 says:

In the end were all dead men. It’s better to die for something then live
for nothing.(Rambo 52 LOL)
In the end we review our life through the eyes of a father. All of our bias
and ego removed. Everyone gets what they deserve. Those who are vacuous and
void of shame in this world will not escape the compiled backlog of shame
when they view their deeds from the other side. And I pity even them as
they eventually will find themselves Alone in the Abyss. Adrift in the
primeval chaos, the unfathomable void. The place where Demons go to await
judgement. Those of us who actually have a positive spirit to do right.
Need only live life being careful to do little we might regret. So when we
Judge ourselves through the Fathers eyes we are not ashamed.

ProSecondAmendment says:

Alex Jones, you need more scripture. Dinosaurs were here in the days of
Noah so there is no reason they weren’t here in the days of Adam and Eve.
Shame on you for ignoring scriptural proof. Job 40 talks about Brontosaurus
type dinosaur. So sad people are still so ignorant they don’t know these
biblical accounts that could be very useful in proving the bible holds the
key to unlocking true historical accounts the elite organizations don’t
want you to be aware of for obvious reasons.

Job 40 READ IT! ““Look at Behemoth,
which I made along with you
and which feeds on grass like an ox.
16 What strength it has in its loins,
what power in the muscles of its belly!
17 Its tail sways like a cedar;
the sinews of its thighs are close-knit.
18 Its bones are tubes of bronze,
its limbs like rods of iron.
19 It ranks first among the works of God,
yet its Maker can approach it with his sword.

Ian Thaddiam says:

You know, when you’ve got Justice Scalia coming out in New York Magazine
saying that Satan is “a real person” you’ve got to stop and consider that.
I don’t for a second think he was just making birdy-chirp; I think he was
attempting to tell the American people something. He didn’t just say that
Satan was real, he said Satan is “a real PERSON”. It indicates
person-hood, manifestation, walking about in a BODY. It’s an extraordinary
thing for a Chief Justice to say on the public record. Those globalist
Luciferians KNOW God is real, and they fear God. They just will do
anything possible to convince us otherwise because they intend that THEIR
God (Lucifer) will win this battle of the souls. The power is with God,
for that is really the only thing they truly fear. And you’ve got to think
that they know the power of their opposition pretty well when there is SUCH
a target placed on Jesus’ back. If Jesus is such a fiction as so many
revisionists and propagandists want to have everyone believe, why then is
there SUCH a massive, massive campaign to discredit him — even denying his
very existence? You don’t see anyone doing that with Buddha, or Krishna,
and certainly not Mohammed — just Jesus. So you’ve got to wonder: what is
it that they fear SO much with Jesus Christ? Could it actually be his
authenticity? His reality? His truth? Were he not so much a threat to their
campaign of human destruction, they’d never bother. No, they fear him.
Desperately. And that’s why he’s a really, really good friend to have on
your side.

HIV is a HOAX - I'm Eric McCurry and been HIV Positive at 18 age says:

They are not Aliens , and if you look up and read about the Sumerian you
will understand that they were the first civilization brought here to earth
, and if you no believe me just look at the DNA about 120,000 ago our
Aryan DNA was changed and DNA does not lie at all , DNA can put people in
an electircal chair ! , watch this long YT video if you want to know where
we came from on YT it is called “Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know Is Wrong”
take the time to watch it and you will see all me say is 100 % correct 🙂 

Mr. Just trying to succeed in life. says:

It’s even possible that humans originated on Mars & migrated to Earth.
Maybe that is why humans are so unique from other species on Earth. Maybe
because we’re not from here to begin with.

rumors ofwar says:

Anyone who believes in aliens will be tricked by Satan’s fallen angles. If
you believe in evolution and not creation you calling the father the son
and the Holy Spirit a lair and will not have your name in the book of life
be wise we are in the end of days and there will be many false preachers.

westplus1 says:

Research the one thing forbdden. Jew-gentile principle. gentiles are
goys(goyim) and concidered to be cattle, like animals. if anyone read this,
dont be angry at the jews, dont hate the jews. This is the principalitis of
the Lordship of Jesus Christ jew, and got to do With the bible. The jews on
Earth who dont believe in Jesus Christ is the antichrists, a lordrace
(spiritual speaking) who are smarter and brighter than the gentile goy.
therefore understand what Jesus Christ is, overlord. also understand that
you are manipulated by the antichrist (spirit) because you lack knowledge
and have not obeyed Jesus as lord. jews and gentiles, and all other humans
on Earth got to go by the same rules, increase Your understanding, dont
hate the jews dont follow jews..just be aware of the Lordship mentality
versus the cattle mentality and the pieces will be put togheter little by

O BOLA says:

Aliens made the white man so the important shit on this planet would get
done. The only reason niggers can function is because of the white man.

Luka Magnotta says:

I knew this was coming when I found nanobots in my fruit snacks. I’ve seen
half tank half human mutants rolling through the Paris catacombs. The
invasion is coming for your ass. I am starting a Patreon to fund something
I call the “patriot laser”. It’s the only thing that will save you from the
horrifying robots that eat children’s skin.

The Verbally Abusive Clown says:

Jones is a well-read IDIOT if he truly believes this religious crap that he
is regurgitating. Yeah…society is going down the crapper, but we have
ourselves to blame. All great societies die and something else takes their
place. This has been going on for thousands of years or perhaps even

Ebenezer Scrooge says:

If our universe IS a simulation, where “earth” came from (the story of the
simulator) should be irrelevant. We should focus MORE on the simulation
theory, and possibilities of escape. Transfer our consciousness into
artificial bodies in the outside (skynet scenario)

FightForUtopia says:

I bought Prometheus, just because you said it was important. I saw no gods
in it. Our fellow mortals, regardless of their advancement, are not
qualified to create existence itself. As for creating humans, we humans do
that all the time.

Evan Faraday says:

You can see Alex Jones has a hairy chest that Super Male Vitality sure hits
the spot well. I’ve been thinking about trying Super Male Vitality.

kittensugars says:

I’m not sure anything is what we’ve been led to believe.

seeingatruth says:

Home schooling would solve all the BS they try to cram down everyone’s

Nathaniel Yonke says:

No, stop, that is dumb. No one in the scientific community accepts that
everything darwin said is right. That is stupid. You are stupid.

Mexlycan Filmico says:

WHen King James re-wrote the Bible, a lot of non-sense shit was taken out
because it was just too stupid for the newer generation, but now even the
actual Bible is now irrelevant.

TheyKNOWandYOUdont says:

We should let this “SYSTEM” crash….The only people who profit are the
morally corrupt, and those with no shame.

ALEX, You personally ask for money more often than a TV Evangelist, and are
about as legitimate. 

ConcernedCitizen says:

Thank you finally getting to the bottom of the very real situation going on
right now!! Destroy this world and build another on top of it! Bingo all
anyone has to do is research this and it’s obvious! Where did we obtain
nuclear technology……….(just enough technology to use it but there was
never any plan to neutralize the danger of even the waste)…..now ask
yourself what is likely to destroy mankind …… Radiation from either a
bomb or these aging nuclear plants that are all around us!! And of course
Fukeshima has been killing and poisoning everything swimming in the oceans
for more than 3 years….. It’s not the democrats or the republicans they
are the same ………don’t know what the answer is for anyone who doesn’t
know Jesus Christ!!

J. Robert Oppenheimer says:

This leaves one question of who’s the bigger fraud: Kent Hovind or Alex
“Buy muh Energy Supplements” Jones?

lord squidington says:

Well people have suggested people with O- blood are some kinda hybrid

bigzachful says:

The Vatican have the larfest telesvope in all the world. It’s called
“Lucifer”. We are seeing the pope to welcome alien planet life. Wether it
be real or fake lifeforms it is a deception to turn you away from the most
high god Jehova. And our lord and savior Jesus Christ. This alien deception
will come in the name of peace as everything does. They will offer ideas of
free energy which the elite and we already know. They just hide it from us.
They will also want to offet the changing of our DNA via crossbreeding and
the mark of thr beast. I recommend not. We already know of the Nephilim.
According to the holy scriptures the mark will offer increased lifespan.
The capability to buy and sell. Grievous sores will break out over the
carriers body. And a gaurentee damnation to the lake of fire. People will
want to take this. C’mon increased lifespan. However death is not the worst
thing that can happen to you. A forced living on a prison planet is though.
For it says in the bible, as it will be in the days of the son of man it
will be in the days of noah. (Everyone denounces the name of the lord,
Nephilim walk the earth). For people will wish to find Death but will not
be able to find it.

Ed Meno says:

the religion is satan standing as God. all democrats are his minions. skin

JOOGAL1111 says:

Hovind was a tax dodger and he got caught, political prisoner lol.

Tom Truther says:

Alex is quoting the late great William Cooper. Mystery Babylon 

Vik Capella says:

This is typical Jones’ interpretation – nothing unusual here, even down to
“Thank God for Jesus” pandering to his audience.

Atheris Green says:

Alex is a nut job. This guy is just as brainwashed as the mass religitards.

Foxworth Krowler says:

He didn’t go to jail for a theme park…. you aren’t fooling anyone.

kamal-Toufik Kamatcho says:

Every idea about this topic is a theory

Barb Reynolds says:

Come on Alex,,,, teached? maybe check your grammar

Philth- E says:

It really pleased me when you said “pound” instead of hashtag! 

LovingLife says:

Why would you “Thank God” God hasn’t done any good for humanity either.
Jesus was just as useless, neither have any tangeable real world impact
other than that which people allow through fantasy much like a good sci fi
movie. These things that humans thank and worship are just as bad as the
power elite, it subjects people to greater things which aren’t real yet
have power over them and dis-empower people from reaching any true
potential, these are limitations to human progress, as humans hand off
responsibility and control over their destiny which is just sad. People
really don’t see that logic and common sense are so far removed from the
current world that our reality is distorted to some very strange parameters
that are not of any value or relevance to the real existence of humanity in
this universe.

TheBaseballbat11 says:

The elite think that they are going to merge with the machines and become
gods? What fools.

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