Earth must prepare for Aliens, say scientists

Earth must prepare for Aliens, say scientists.


Iceyyyyyage says:

the movie Skyline is cooler, not independenchday.

TheChoujinVirus says:

and I for one, welcome our new Non-White Overlords


I’m prepared. Watch Mars Report on Mars TV Channel to find out why and
how… Just google marstvchannel and be prepared for what you’re going to

88Dionisio says:

i cannot find this video on RT channel… why?

1killallyourfriends1 says:

is this that ‘The Onion’ again? chuffing hell

spontanrapmc says:

How can i join the Aliens? im a winnerteam joiner

sukiesoya says:

@alfiemclow If they have the ability to travel over lightyears they could
probably wipe us out within 5 minitues.

robloxcomefortable says:

We humans aren’t alone we have animals xD

EndWhite Genocide says:

Explain why White countries and only White countries must be flooded with
non-indigenous. You anti-Whites don’t push for Japan to be flood with
non-Japanese. You anti-Whites don’t push for China to be flooded with
non-Chinese. YOU anti-Whites only cry for White countries and ONLY White
countries with millions and millions of non-Whites That by definition IS
geNOcide YOU are Anti-White. YOU are not against racism, YOU are against
the continued existence of ALL white people and ONLY white people

huntercd says:

@113Doctor the next million years is nothing but aliens! we have to build
the battlestar galactcia!

eggfleece says:

why would any human want to be represented by the spineless politicians and
business men at the united nations?

cloisterene says:

Another excuse to take our resources. “…our tendencies toward violence &
exploitation”?? Speak for yourself. I don’t accept *your sub-human status*.
This sort of propaganda, implying that we should embrace terror &
intimidation as ‘normal’, is yet another way to milk us for money – to hire
‘security’ forces for our own ‘protection’. It’s just the old mafia tricks,
again. They injure us, then force US to pay for the damages. Or they
*threaten us, & force US to pay for ‘protection’. Wake up.

68noraa says:

The so called aliens are the Jinns, beings created by GOD from smokeless
flame. They have been inhabiting planet earth a very long time just as

kneet101 says:

this already exists its called the alien contact intelligence organization
and is 38 levels above top secret. these peopel have what you call cosmic
clearance. look it up.

tzebbie says:

Why would they come here ? If they are som advanced to manege space tralvel
between systems/planets, so why land here, there gotta be some other planet
that is more suiting for them.

aristoteles311 says:

@floridaman2000 there is evidence but even if there wasn’t we haven’t even
explored .00000000000000000000000000000000001 percent of the universe

AnneMartep87 says:

hoax!!! there are noe aliens only the angels of lucifer!! wake up people

MarcusHK1 says:

How can one prepare for something that is by definition alien and thus
totally unpredictable?

sukiesoya says:

If aliens came and was hostile there we wouldn’t have a chance so what’s
the point lol

James Mccrae says:

Kent Brockman’s classic line in the Simpsons ‘And I for one welcome our new
insect overlords!’ 😀

ohsk8an says:

I hope the Aliens are preparing for us…poor Buggers.

AiDwFl says:

We have been contacted by aliens for thousands of years. They’re already
here. And no, aliens will NOT be hostile. These are intelligent beings
capable of things beyond the concept of human thought. In order for them to
have “evolved” into a vast array of knowledge and cooperation with each
other, they would first have had to grown out of their “Primitive Culture”.
Simple logic people. If there is an attack, it will be a secret gov’t plot.
They will truly contact us when we evolve.

supersajinyett says:

Lol Its propaganda BUT!! “Their” so called aliens are already here DUMB
experiment sh!t! If there is somthing ELSE coming “they” are scared! but I
have no reason 2 b I know what’s Really goin on;p… Maybe their scared of
Elenin? Maybe something else? Or maybe they are afraid that true HERO’s are
awakening to The real truth? Or maybe they’re planning that lil planned
“outerspace alien” invasion! Ahhhhhhhh lol either way I’m down for a fight

xXFlyleafXx says:

Earth has been contacted by Aliens for years; it’s called a crop circle.

cloisterene says:

What good is ‘protection’ or ‘security’, from the governmentt? It’s like
trusting crocodiles to protect us. A waste of time & resources. The
government needs to keep their hands off our resources, too. They are
wasting all of it on stupid schemes which only hurt Americans in the end.
The infrastructure of this country sucks because of DC. Everything is going
to hell because of them. Alien threat, now? LOL. What a joke. As if they
might have a CLUE what to do about it, anyway.

kakkarot045 says:

i dun care..unless the so called “aliens’ have cutIES with them..

nas4x says:

They have been here the hole time get a qlue.

area859 says:

Or they are preparing to Implement operation “BLUE BEAM”…..using fake
UFO’s etc using Holograms! Google it! Cheers!

AdvancedSoftware3000 says:

Thats what I call Project Bluebeam!

AdvancedSoftware3000 says:

Thats what I call Project Bluebeam!

poptartdingdongs says:

scientists allready know of them, they are being girlish on the subject

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