Freakiest 1920’s Flapper Fashion – Aliens From Earth

See the freakiest 1920’s flapper fashions on original art and photographic trade cards from my own personal collection.


805ROADKING says:

Some pretty wacky get ups there Mate!!☺

not2fast4u2c says:

Cool intro !!! I like the clock as it turns into the moon ..they sure had
some Wild Fashions back then

van1976 says:

Nice cards…beautiful women…beautiful styles.
5 Stars

creamofcardstv says:
Dylan A. Kent says:

Thank you Cream – this was a delight!

genia106 says:

My Darling creamofcards,
Love these cards, I love the flamboyant head dresses and gowns. In the
great films of today, the directors steal the creative ideas from that
These cards are SENSATIONAL…..especially Ala Nazimova, my favorite…:-)
Millions of STARS

rsaturn9 says:

Great video and Cards my friend!!
Amazing when you look at these cards and see what they are wearing, those
styles looks normal for their day, yet if it were today we would look at
them, and think they are crazy or they are part of a Burlesque show in
Vegas :-)

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