GOOGLE EARTH AMAZING UFO’S FOUND ALL OVER THE WORLD! NEW 2014!!! coordinates for each UFO sightings in the video – AREA51 FLYING UFO WITH SHADOW ONE:- 37°18’20.41″N 116°28’21.13″W …


Erinn Wright says:


Chuckernaut Rhodesia says:

Nice work. Thanks for not adding obnoxious music.

Marc Heisenberg says:

Nice video but to the first one:
This was claimed to be a UFO and it’s shadow on a number of occasions, but
the same object (actually two separate objects – a white one and a black
one) appear in the GE imagery for 4/17/2006 and 8/18/1998. Use the GE time
slider to see for yourself. The objects are believed to be piles of
construction or drilling materials.

Airton Usuário says:

3:00 is not a ufo. it;s a part of the “Woman’s bridge” you can see in this

MP197742 says:

When it starts by pointing out a round patch of sand in the desert, you
know it’s going to be a compelling video.

ThexBorg says:

You must look a lot of maps dude… I’ll pay that thumbs up.

Ryad Arlan says:

Nice bread crumb, lead to some interesting research.

ThexBorg says:

3:10 looks like a flying iron..

Nuri Mingan Ef says:
ned nedman says:

Montage vidéo avec des OVNIS trouvés sur google heart. NEDMAN

Harry Wheeler says:

Nice. I think I have one more you can add to the video if you don’t mind
jumping over to China/Mongolia. Google Earth: 38 48′ 22.96″ N 102 25′ 52.95
E. There is another one by a lake about 60 – 70 miles north of this
Lat/Long. I think you will be impressed.

tommynikon says:

What total CRAP. Do you assume every round “thing” is a UFO? Conversely,
do you assume that all UFOs are round? Guess what- they aren’t!!! Like
earthly vehicles, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and mannerisms.
Because I’ve seen it.

Paul CodChimp says:

Wish I had the time required to look for anomalous objects on google earth 

Dilza Filha Casada says:
Counterattack says:

*This comment has been removed by the U.S. Government.*

drumstick74 says:

at 4:20 – I think that’s a man made stationary construction.

Milan Hak says:

The triangle “UFO’s” are windmills

vic martin says:

try age of empires ! pretty cool game …

Colt Walker says:

i checked em all out on google earth, i debunked them all and none of them
are ufos. in fact you can look at a panoramic photo of the one in brazil.
p.s. learn how to spell.

Bornfree0776 says:

I’ve never seen so much shit in my life

Jacobo Caballero says:

Yep thats what meth does! It makes u all paranoid trying to find ufo’s on
google earth..dont do it kids

Vanessa Ureno says:


FordFracture says:

You ass its the top of a water tower

dkmcmillen says:

I think the triangle one where you have to go back in time, is the base and
guy wire for the support of a radio tower.

1992tayang says:

4:12 that hat from cj7

alex madison says:

You did a good job but only a few are real interesting. The Area 51, the
ocean,the Antarctica and the triangled shaped one. The others are not, hate
to dissapoint you but the one in Romania it’s a building there is even a
news article about it and the one in Buenos Aires is there from 2003.
Anyway you found a lot of interesting stuff ,the ideea it’s great now you
give people something to do. To do our own researches.

Carol Hathor says:

danielofdoria, do you really think people are buyin’ it that these ‘blobs’
are UFOs? This is soooo obviously fake! What’s your hidden agenda? Some
sort of following? You’re a Creep.

WildPhotoShooter says:

You lot grab at any tiny blob , shadow, bump, dip, light………get a

fadli zaidan says:

nice ! where you now this place ?

mistyocdragons says:

At 5.27, the white objects in the ground are windmills on a wind-farm, you
can make out the third propellers in the shadows. It is easier to see at

jorge uesu says:

About the Shield UFO ins Buenos Aires river: the “puente de la mujer” is
a rotating footbridge. The “shield” is a fixed structure on which the
bridge rests, when it turns 90 degrees. You can see it in several pictures.

richard klegin says:

Did I see a blue police box? Lol love doc who

mac laydon says:

what a sack of shit.

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