The Night Of All Fears (HD) THE night Aliens took over earth.

Corallo Cyril and his team, delivered a brilliant take on a 50’s classic with this animated 2D film “The Night Of All Fears”. Learn more about the film and C…


Jasen Mancilla says:

Momi!!! >.<

Bryon Yamada says:

Was this a trailer??

Cronieock says:

0:16 I know a ’59 Chevy when I see one.

Zarif Chowdhury says:

Giant alien zombie mummies…..?? 

Violet Lee says:

If Powerpuff Girls were to get a reboot on CN, this would be the best
choice in stylization!!!

Green11 says:

Aleins…but they are zombies…

makes sense.

Cyril Beuda says:

+rbnslzr33 hahaha and they are giant too ! ;)

rbnslzr33 says:

*Zoom in on zombie hand…* *Zooms out / Actually zombie alien…* *Takes
glasses off* Shit just got real. *Zombies drop down / Actually Zombie Mummy
Aliens from Outer Space* …SHIT

Liam Warne says:

okay thank you im converting it now should be ready soon :).

boxincrateboom says:

@MadArtistPublishing maybe4-5hrs because i kept readin comments lol

Oncus2 says:

Love to see a movie with that animation.

MadArtistPublishing says:

@boxincrateboom AWESOME thanks for that:) share our channel

Vincent3095 says:

0:57 Creepy robot is CREEPY

Dreams195 says:

dude i was so… totally thinkin the same lulz

NikkoMC - Minecraft, Short Films and More Randomness! says:

flash ? 😮

Cyril Beuda says:

where can i find the 3d version ? lol

Chxll says:

So wait.. The world ends right? again..

XboxTheHedgehog says:

Honestly, I would like to know how long this takes 🙂

Cyril Beuda says:

ooh, thx you for that comment 🙂

Chxll says:

Very creative and beautifully done..

Abandoned Voodoo says:


Cyril Beuda says:

we are thinking of making a 45 minutes oav

MadArtistPublishing says:

@boxincrateboom HAHA, thanks, how long did it take you?

Liam Warne says:

Its On my page mate 🙂

Cyril Beuda says:

2 month 🙂 flash anf after effect.

eezbar says:

Make this a movie! 😀 please?

thaotrangum says:

OMG. Thank @@”.

Liam Warne says:

is it ok if i convert this video into 3d and re upload

gushernandez25 says:

this was done with Flas, I need to talk to you all on my inbox, I have a

Alejandro Sierra says:

These are the videos that deserve a million views not other stupid ones

Cyril Beuda says:

we are thinking of making a 45 minutes Oav out of it 🙂

MadArtistPublishing says:

If you want to see a movie made out of this short, thumbs up! and share

Cyril Beuda says:

We are curently thinking of making a 45minutes OAV out of it 🙂

TheAsatot says:

The Attack of the Zombie Vampire Mummies From Other Planet!

lunaticial says:

attack the unprepared and innocent = evil

MadArtistPublishing says:

@XboxTheHedgehog this was a contest submission, it took a few months, was
done in Flash

CrabbWalker says:

Beautiful you always present different textures of animation in each one, i
love it

MadArtistPublishing says:

@SoCalex92 Thx for the Awesome comment!. we’ve just recently started adding
videos on here, we’re just a few artists giving back to the artist and film
community, we’re primarily a Art Book’s publisher with Sketchozine. All the
films we have here or demo reels we will be featuring are based on artists
that were selected from Sketchoholic to appear in our books and Digital
Magazines. 🙂 If anyone can help us out by tweeting and sharing that would
be awesome

MadArtistPublishing says:

Unfortunately no. You are welcome to provide us with the 3d version to us
and we will credit you if the director of the film likes the conversion on
our channel, but youtube does have the option of doing this.

MadArtistPublishing says:


Jay Williams says:

Thus I am glad to be 3d.

panmroku0 says:

Music is fine but it really kicks ass with Jackson’s Thriller in the
background. 😉

sccatke says:

Looks forwards to more epic works on youtube from ur team!

WolfandSerpent says:

Giant zombie alien mummies…. well, theres something hollywood hasnt tried

gridsleep says:

Effectively skincrawlish.

boxincrateboom says:

Just about to go to sleep i turn on my comp look at youtube see this and
now i watched all your vids and its like 1 in morning xD.

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