UFO With Alien Head Sticking Out On Google Earth Map, June 2014

This Video Taking from Scott C. Waring with his permission. Date of discovery: June 2014 Location of discovery: Trout Creek, Montana Source: Email report from LZ to UFO Sightings Daily Coordinates…


eagle0468 says:

Brought to you straight from his mother’s basement…breaking news.

Dave halvarson says:

anyone know why there is a ton of censoring on google earth on pocket
canyon hwy in the woods ive saw ufo everywhere that were missed right in
open some hidden in plain sight on street view

PeacefullWarrior194 says:


abhishek chouhan says:

Amazing of google earth

abhishek chouhan says:

Amazing of google earth

Zuluzoli says:

It’s Lens Flare not an UFO…

Wendy W B says:

I have seen

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