Alien Autopsy (Area-51 UFOCRASH) Roswell 1947 Nasa X-files 2012/

Original Roswell Film (USARMY) -The Roswell UFO Incident was a report of an object that crashed in the general vicinity of Roswell, New Mexico, in June or Ju…


jasminemawolo2001 says:

Am scared

Franck L. says:

which music can be heard with this footage? Thanks.

ThatOneCrazyAsian says:

Reminds me of american dad roger

Erick Watson says:

Thanks ! Read my comment on “most important crop circles ever”

76irodriguez says:

You can eliminate the “autopsy” from here. The creators of this “autopsy” confessed it was a fake, and not even made in the US. The creators are british and it was created and filmed in England, and have several witnesses that helped in the hoax.

leonardrou says:

The i beam has the word ΞΛΞΦΘΞΡΙΑ mirrored on it ! Ιn modern Greek the word freedom is very simiral and pronounced exactly the same as the one on the Roswell i beam.It’s ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ.

mary grace david says:

binaril ko yung ufo kaya bumagsak

mary grace david says:

eh di nga

Erick Watson says:

GREEK WORDS (“Elephtheria” means “Freedom”, e.t.c.) ON ROSWELL UFO CRASHED JUNE 1947 ???
IS IT TRUE ????? (Try “crystalinks/Roswell” page “strange Debris” )

(I believe it’ s fake)

BloodstainedSinner says:

Could just be someone from Chernobyl. I doubt the government would let this video stay on the internet otherwise.

ArtieKirkland says:

Actually those were just cheap filters to make it look vintage.

selvin pena says:

Te baby looked cut <3


It’s uploaded 2012 dumb shit not filmed In 2012

JaretReddickRocks says:

it has a bad quality because it was supposedly made in 1947. also, cameras back then couldn’t control the blur like cameras today

jonnyd13768 says:

WTF’s an ‘African Pussy’?? 😉

rap101ful says:

This isnt even the video

roger warrington says:

if this has film from 2012 why is it so crappy ?.. bad d.p.i. also blurry.

Ethan Minshall says:

stupid its so funny its stupid like syfy

anne123480 says:

Geeze these Aleins need to work on landing their UFO skills when they visit us they have habits of crashing

Rusty Shackleford says:

Did that alien have a African pussy?

johnandangelajones says:

@ Mrsjohnson0124 i beleive in ailens and bigfoot so yea and a zombie appocaleps is highley possable people like you should be more open minded if u dont you wont be able to prepare for the unexpected until it happens

Paul Eales says:

music reminds me of police squad and airplane

E stem says:

Aye, x-files fo sure bullshit

Jack Pierre says:

why is your profile pic a illuminati symbol 

TheYetiFarmer says:

nice stuff

GwiazdorTV says:

Look my oryginals film UFO

dbzfriezakiller says:

maybe it was a crash test dummy just like roger smith haha. 

Billy Slusser says:

I’m so angry I could SCREAM !

Billy Slusser says:

is there a tragic romance in all that ?

Alicia Blancob says:

No me demuestra nada eso. Puede ser perfectamente una edición, como una película de ciencia ficción. Con todo respeto.

nancyta300 says:

Big eye ballllls

jr11213 says:

Come on people the Universe is massive and Earth is just a tiny dot from the outside looking in.. How can people sit here and believe that we are the only species out there !

SilvaRizla says:

This footage is a self admitted proven fake. Why on earth are people still making these videos?

semko71 says:

I was just watching another video about aliens on Roswell 1947 and all are found dead.Now interesting thing is, on another video those aliens have only 3 toes, this one have 5, HOW CAN YOU BELEIVE AND WHOM??Same type of aliens and all about Roswell 1947…B.S all together, we will never know the truth..

Sushiinforlife says:

I think he got all this from Wikipedia cause i just read the same things on here from there.

KornFlace says:

There really is undefined life on this planet. Lloyd Pye already brought the evidence. Just watch his presentation***

MrsJohnson0124 says:

Haha!! This stuff is so hilarious, do these ppl believe in zombies to? Wait, wait what about bigfoot? Haha!! The only invasion we will ever have to worry about is other countries!! After 20, 30 yrs go by, and that invansion of aliens didnt happened as you thought it would, do you just say oh they changed their minds? Then another 20 yrs go by still no invasion?

fminyoutobe says:

pewdiepiefan345 you are fucking gay

worldwiderelease says:

“Humanity is now facing an Extraterrestrial Intervention in the world that is extremely dangerous. This is not a visitation. It is an intervention whose purpose is to gain control of the world and the world’s peoples.”
alliesofhumanity org

PewDiePieFAN345 says:

Eww! was that alien pregnant???? :O

marl lonior says:

Um óvni chega até aqui vindo de outras dimensões, isso é possível desdobrando o espaço-tempo, talvez esses óvnis sejam nós no futuro voltando ao passado, apesar de se romper o espaço-tempo e visitar épocas diferentes é impossível interagir nestes espaços, caso contrario causaria um paradoxo catastrófico. Quando vemos um suposto Óvni, vemos através de um portal aberto no espaço tempo, PORTANTO É IMPOSSIVEL UMA NAVE CAIR SOBRE A TERRA, POIS ELA EXITE SOMENTE EM OUTRA DIMENSÃO.

MrBadigard says:

0:11 1947 troops…????????????

alan Betancourt says:

U guys are all so dumb we can possibly have lived with aliens this is so stupid if this UFO of yours is real then why can’t people fix it? Why haven’t these aliens come over and great us?

yobreafstankbat says:

We R not alone but this video is fake. For 10yrs I had the clearance to know the truth about Roswell. It was a real ET event but, again, this video is fake.

GuitarHero191192 says:


cmomofilm says:

Ray Santilli.

Nikita Tychinin says:

i am sorry but all army car on photas is russian
блять там уаз и зилы нахуй

iDazz1e says:


MrButtloaf says:

Nope sorry.. I don’t think so

rasecselbor says:

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